Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pregnancy Cravings

So as the time draws near for us to leave, we have been noticing the signs of labor. As we talked about in earlier posts, I have been an emotional wreck! I am giddy one minute, and bawling the next!

Well, another clue that we're in the final stages of the "pregnancy" occurred last night...except they weren't MY labor pains, they were TONY'S! He was experiencing pregnancy cravings! At about 7:00 last night, he said he would continue to clean the bathrooms and such if I would go to the grocery and pick up the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. He wanted them from scratch. It was too cute for me to resist. I ran and picked the items up and came back and baked away. About 9:30 as the last batch came out of the oven, we sat down and enjoyed a couple of warm cookies and cold milk. It was fun.

So the end (or beginning) is definitely drawing near. The contractions are getting stronger as the years melt into months, into weeks, into days away from meeting the girls...our daughters.

We just have one question tonight. Where's that epidural everyone raves about?

On a side note, we were connected with someone who is from Taiwan and who was willing to sit down and chat with us. He gave us some cultural tips and some pronunciation help with the girls' names and locations. He also helped give us a few key phrases we might need to use, like "It's bedtime" and "Please don't cry" and "Are you hungry?". It was really nice for him to take the time to sit down with us and he seemed just as excited to talk with us. He even said once we got home he'd be happy to help in whatever way he could. Maybe if the girls are getting frustrated with us because we cannot understand something they're trying to convey, he can translate for us! Either way, we really appreciate his time. He helped settle our nerves and got us excited all over again!

OK, so quick count down...
5 full days until we leave
2 more days of work for us
10 days until we meet the girls

God is good...all the time...



Kris and Rich said...

You know, those cookies won't stay good while you're gone...I'd be happy to take them off your hands! haha I can't believe that they day we've all anticipated is finally near! I am giddy with excitement and grateful for what God has done in our family. Life for all of us, will truly never be the same again!

lynnette said...

I am so excited for the two of you. Practice makes perfect for the cookies, get used to it, food is a multiculture item. And kids love them, just as much as adults.

Prayers to all of youl