Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fortune cookies are GOOD!

We had a wonderful baby shower a few weeks ago (actually 4 wonderful showers) and at our family/church family one, we had fortune cookies. I shouldn't admit this, but I ate THREE cookies and I just had to share what the fortunes said. I nearly died.

Cookie #1--"You are going to have a new love affair" I thought, ok, weird.

Cookie #2--"You are going to have a new love affair" This time I grinned. Because, yes, I am...with TWO little girls...funny that I got TWO of these messages.

Cookie #3--"A thrilling time is in your immediate future" At this point I just laughed out loud and thought, yep, I need to post this.

Wild huh?



IzzyBeth said...

That's great!!! Soon . . . your life will never be the same . . .

And you will be so happy about it. :-)

I'm excited for you!!!!

lynnette said...

Best of luck traveling this week. I will be checking the website daily.

Anonymous said...

Tony & Rett,

How funny about the cookies!
We are praying for you while you make your exciting journey to pick up your girls.
We will miss you at the wedding and Thanksgiving but will be thinking of you.

Love, Aunt Karla