Sunday, February 03, 2008

Laney's Turn

It's MY turn!

OK, so Mama said that it's my turn to do the post. FINALLY! Get ready, I have a lot to say!

I haven't been feeling so hot this weekend. Well, actually, I have been super hot. I have been running a fever off and on. I'm not sure who to blame. Abby was sick last weekend and is again this weekend. She keeps coughing. Mama has been with some sick kids at her school. And Baba's sick now too. He said he blames Mama for his sore throat and my sickness. It's ok though, we still love her. Besides, it hasn't slowed me down much!

My cool cousin Jarrett spent the night last weekend. He was BIG fun! Here, he pushed me on my trike! I love him so much!

So you want my take on what has been going on around here? Not too much, really. I was doing this "potty" thing for a week or so. It was a hoot. Every 20 minutes or so, Mama or Baba would say, "Potty, Laney?" and of course, I'd echo it back to her (they don't call me a mockingbird for nothing) so then they'd whisk me off to the potty. I'd do my thing, they'd cheer and clap and I'd get some major attention. All for doing that?

Well, things were fine if they'd remind me, but I'm a kid and playing is my job. So I'd be hard at work and forget to mention that I might need to go. That made Mama and Baba frown, but we'd try it again later. I did try to get their attention sometimes though. I'd try to make eye contact and I'd do this thing that I learned in China. I'd drop my right hand down to my side and point at the ground. *shrugs* I'm not sure why they don't understand that motion here. Maybe I'm supposed to TELL them I have to potty. Who knows...they're teaching me so much I get confused sometimes! I'll get it soon!

These are my pretty toes after Mama painted them!

Other than that, we've been hanging out with Jiselle and Jessica in the mornings. I have a really good time there. It takes me a few minutes to warm up to the idea, but once I hear the other girls, I remember how much fun I had there the day before! Those girls are teaching me so much! Their Baba, Jerry, is pretty nice too. He fixes great mini-pancakes! I can't get enough!

Here I am at Chinese New Year in my red gown!

We went to the Chinese New Year party Abby was telling you about. We had a really good time. I ate lots of Chinese food, decorated a mouse cookie (because it's the year of the mouse/rat), practiced my chopstick skills, played with a hula hoop, and tried to hang out with the older girls. I wasn't afraid one bit! Abby had fun too.

We're practicing our chopstick skills on some Apple Jacks. It's harder than it looks!

Everyone kept saying, "Ohhh, the twins!" But I don't see the big deal. I mean, seriously, Abby gets on my nerves sometimes. Especially when she spots the microphone (thanks Lynn) that I wanted first, or takes my chair at our table. I'm trying to be nice though, so if I ever grab a toy she has, I give her something to replace it. See? I try!

Here I am trying to figure out what to give Abby so I can get my hands on that hula hoop!

Abby and I got to go to Mama's school last week too. We got to dress up in our red gowns again. Mama left the squeakers in our shoes too. That's always a hit! The preschool class was taking a trip to China! Now, I don't think it was a real trip, but they were learning a lot about China. They knew more than I did! They said "Happy New Year" in Chinese and counted to seven in Chinese! I just don't understand it here though. Mama and Baba are always trying to get us to speak English and here are some kids learning Chinese. So which is it???

Speaking of, well, speaking...Abby and I have been learning a lot. We are now telling Mama and Baba things without them saying it to us first. I just realized how when I say certain things, it will get me attention or what I wanted. Want to know some of my favorites? "Drink". Yeah, I use that one a lot. I'm one thirsty girl! I still use the sign with it just in case they aren't listening. I also say "cold" a lot because every time we go outside it is SO cold. I have stopped crying when Mama puts me down near the snow now. I know it isn't as scary as I thought it was. But if it's too cold, I still cry...loudly! I hate the cold!
I also use "Varoom" a lot when I'm looking at, watching, riding in, or playing with cars. I love cars. Actually, Abby and I both do. We love watching monster trucks with Baba. It's about the only show we'll sit still for. But I heard a loud varoom the other day and, boy did it scare me. Mama said he was just scraping the ice and snow to the side of the road, but he looked so close to me when I looked out the front window! Bet you can guess what I did...yep, cried. Mama loved on me though and I felt safe again. When he went by later, we all just waved and said "Bye-bye" and it was ok. (As long as I could see Mama, it was ok) Abby, well, she wasn't afraid of him though. She's a pretty brave sister.

Ok, well, I've talked long enough. I better go take my nap. I'm getting pretty sleepy. Please pray to Jesus that Abby and I feel better soon. Also please pray my Baba's throat stops hurting. I miss our play time!

One more thing, will you please pray for my China sisters and brothers that are really cold right now? Lots of snow (yuck) fell in China. More than they've had in a really long time. Places where kids stay to wait on their Mamas and Babas are in a lot of trouble. They can't get the heat to work and they're running out of supplies like food, safe drinking water, and coal. Those are my friends and I want them to be as warm as I am. I know they don't like the cold either.

There's a group called Half the Sky that works with nannies to help them take better care of us. They also do other things to help my China brothers and sisters. They're stepping in to help raise money for the necessary supplies for the hardest hit places. If you want to help our friends in China, please go to the website:

You can read about what they're doing, and then go to the bottom of the page. There's a project called Little Mouse Emergency Fund. Mama and Baba donated and so did some of their friends. If you can give a little something, it will definitely help our friends. They need to be healthy kids so that they can meet their Mamas and Babas!

Ok, I really have to go. Abby is already asleep. Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Laney,what a wonderful post you wrote. You are just as good as your sister and momma. I swaney, you foster four are great story tellers, (just a little play on words) there. I"m hoping for a short story soon. Love your toes and both of you in your pretty red dresses. LOVE YOU BOTH AND KEEP UP THE GREAT POST.P.S. GIVE ABBY HUGS AND KISSES FROM GRANNIE AND PAPAW, AND LOVE YOU ALL,THE SADLERS

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, caring little girl. I know you will grow up to be a wonderful person, just like your mama. I hope you had a great nap, and my prayers are with all of your for a more healthy time. Where was I when you came in your dresses to your mama's work? Wish I could have seen them, I know you two look adorable. Keep your mama and baba out of trouble, and keep practicing the potty. Practice makes perfect!!


Tony and Rett said...

Man, go all charitable in your psst, and people are afraid to comment! That's ok, Mama's still proud of you!