Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 3 Month Anniversary Girls!

Our beautiful girls...we've been together three months today!

Dear Sweet Abby and Laney,

As of today, you have been with us three whole months! Time has surely flown! It seems as though just yesterday we were nervously sitting in very hard chairs listening to the cries of newly formed families in the Civil Affairs office in China.

We blinked and now we've been together three months! It is amazing that we have only known one another that long. It seems as though we know you inside and out. We know every silly face you make, every squeal or cry, your favorite foods, and can understand almost every word you speak.

Just this week, you have added many new words to your vocabulary. You tell each other, "No, no, no Mei Mei!" and "Help, Baba!" You've also been connecting more words like, "Mama's drink". We're so proud of you!!!

When you were especially quiet this evening, we knew you must have discovered something new. And you did! You are now strong enough to open the refrigerator on your own and get your cups out to drink! This is both scary and exciting at the same time!

You are also learning about thanking Jesus. Before we ate dinner tonight, Abby, you immediately closed your eyes and folded your hands in prayer. We almost forgot to thank Jesus, but YOU reminded us! And you two pray so sweetly before bed that our hearts just overflow with love. We know God is rejoicing in your love as well! WE thank Jesus for YOU!

You have grown too! In China, you were both at 23 pounds. Laney, you now weigh 23.8 pounds, and Abby, you weigh 24.8! You're growing little by little and we LOVE that we get to witness it! We love every single ounce of you!

You make us laugh daily! We swell with pride at each new thing you accomplish, and cry over each fear you overcome. Because we have learned so much about you over the past few months, we're excited to see what the future holds with you!

It's just unreal that God chosen us to be your parents for forever and always. We are blessed beyond measure. Happy Anniversary Baby Girls!

We love you!

Mama and Baba



Anonymous said...

Dear Rett and Tony,a short note to let you two know that you have truly been blessed with the girls and they have been blessed as well with both of you as their parents. A union that was always ment to be. As your mother sweet Rett, I told you last week how inpressed I was with your parenting skills and how confortable you and Tony are in your new role as parents. May God keep YOU ALL SAFE now and forever with your family. Love you all bunchies, MOM and Dad Sadler. P.S.YES I LOST MY HEART TO THEM ALSO,LOVE YOU ABBY AND LANEY,FROM YOUR GRANNIE OR GIGI

Kylie's momma said...

Congrats on your anniversary. It won't be long and it'll be 3 years! Enjoy your "babies" while their still young. Susan in MT.

IzzyBeth said...

Happy anniversary! Hang on, the time just flies faster from here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Foster Family,
3 months already!! Wow, how time does fly. Isn't it amazing how they learn to love and honor the one who brought you together as a family. May they never forget. Best wishes for several more "firsts." Say a prayer for all of the friends back in their homeland.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations "Three Months" together and it's has been a previous and the most wonderful three months ever. We waited so long for those two adorable little girls and they have been a blessing to us all. Congratulations to Mama and Baba, you are the greatest parents, you would never have known you just became parents. God has blessed you and the girls together a precious family. Tony (dad) and I also feel very blessed to become grandparents to the most special little girls ever. We love you Abby LaLa!! We love you Laney Mei Mei!! We love you Mama and BaBa!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your 3 months with us. It is truly amazing how God has a plan for all of his people. I guess if I can have a sentimental post on my blog, you can have one on yours. That letter is great! Something your girls will love to read one day! Congratulations on your 3 months as a family.
Vickie and Tom Avery

Allyson said...

Happy Three Month-versary Abby and Laney!! As your aunt and uncle, we have enjoyed every moment we have spent with you and every face, word, and activity that we have witnessed. You are two very lucky girls!! Without a doubt, God had both of you planned to be with "Mama" and "Baba" make a perfect family! We are looking forward to all the years of watching you grow up...even those mouthy, rebellious teenage years when Mama and Baba will be pulling their hair out! :)

And to Tony and Rett--you guys are doing an outstanding job of being first time parents-you seem to be so sure of what you are doing and adjust when you don't know what to do. We can only hope that we will adjust that well whenever we are in your shoes. We have enjoyed being a part of the last three months...and can't wait for many more months and years!!

We love all of you!!
Robby and Ally

Shoemaker Family said...

We were in Indiana this past weekend and hoped to meet your two new babies!!! They are so so cute!! Instead Papaw Foster gave us the downlow on all they are doing and how much he loves them and so on and so on as a matter of fact he may still be standing there talking about his grandgirls, we couldn't get him to stop! (Just kidding about that last part, duh!)

It was so exciting to see Tony's face light right up when we asked about them. They must be as precious in real life as they seem on the blog.

God has blessed you guys!!

jkcm said...

Congrats on your 3-mos. mark! Wow, time flies. It is so wonderful to see the pictures, it is obvious God hand-picked the girls for you and you for them. Congrats again! - The Landis'