Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two More Days!

Only TWO more days until Happy Birthday Jesus!!!! Abby is SOOO very excited. But, not for Santa. Nope, not for presents. And no, not even for yummy holiday food. She's pumped because she gets "Happy Birthday Jesus cake." She has been asking for His cake for days now!

I'm just giddy. For the first time since childhood, I have that twinkling, fluttery feeling inside. Every Christmas is special. Last year was super special because it was with my girls for the first time. But this year is different. Abby and Laney get it. They get the idea behind it. Yeah, yeah, Santa and all that jazz...but Jesus' story too. At least they get it at a two (soon-to-be-three) year old level. It has been such fun!

Next year might be downright perfect though, when some family that is out of town returns. We'll all be together and we will all be TOTALLY be pumped. :) We miss them terribly.

Don't forget to celebrate Jesus' birthday. This holiday is, afterall, all about Him! Hug your family tight and thank Jesus for them. And don't forget to pray for those who have nothing to celebrate. They might not have family (nearby) or the money to celebrate. Or they might not know the love of our God (yet). Pray for those kiddos who won't let themselves get excited because they are expecting disappointment. Pray for those kiddos who do not have families to call their own. Especially for those kiddos. Christmas is just another day on the calendar for them. Nothing special. Please pray for them. Thank you for being faithful!

OK, ok, I'm super emotional right now, can you tell??? We'll post again after our fun celebrations. I just wanted to take a minute to pop on here and with you the merriest of Christmases!




Jaime said...

i'm glad to see someone else making a "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake".
I mentioned making a brithday cake to a friend of mine and she laughed. it only makes sense to me though... you have birthday cake when celebrating birthdays... Jesus definitely deserves a cake too.

Anonymous said...

Dear abby and laney. We have baked the cookies, thanks for helping by putting on the sprinkles and tasteing them for us. We have our HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS cake ready and all of our other goodies ready for santa and his helpers. SO TO OUR OUT OF TOWN FAMILY, I LOVE YOU MORE. TO ALL OF THE FAMILY here.I love you more then sunshine. my wish for all OF US is to have the greatest CHRISTMAS EVER UNTILL WE ARE ALL TOGETHER AGAIN. LOVE GRAN N GRANDPA SADLER

IzzyBeth said...

We're excited too!! Merry Christmas!!

Mom Of Many said...

So sweet! I am tickled for you. You mention that they are almost 3....so is Elizabeth....when is their birthday?? They guessed on her birthday and decided to make it January 1st...which seems appropriate - a new year for a new life she has! Merry Christmas from our home to yours...Love, Linn xo

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Abby and Laney and Mama and Baba!!
We are so looking forward to spending time with all our family on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
We are looking forward to the Happy Birthday Jesus cake too!!
We love you all very much!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all celebrate Jesus's birthday in style and had a great day.

Enjoy the two weeks, it goes by to quickly.



Mom Of Many said...

I know the day is over where you live - but here it is just winding down - Happy Birthday baby girls!! I pray it was wonderful!! You are so precious and we are so happy that you are home!
Much love, Linn