Friday, December 05, 2008

Yay God!

Ok, a great new blogger friend Linny (and her family) just got approval to bring their two newest cuties home from Uganda!!!!!!! YAY GOD! You will SO want to check out their story! They are living, breathing testimonies of God's word!

You'll be home soon Elisabeth and Elijah!

Ok friends and you think Laney and Abby are ready for a sister or brother? How about from Africa? (Yes, I just gave Tony another gray hair!)



Chris and Sarah said...

I think they are ready for a brother and sister or better yet 2 of each. I just gave Tony a head full of gray hair =).

Take me with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew you would be the first to reply to her post....Tony :)

Jen said...

Let me just say, being an Aunt to a little guy from Africa, that is EXACTLY what A&L need!!! We are in the early process of adopting again from China. Who knows after that, we may go to Africa! Don't tell Ric....... lol


April Isaacs said...

I love reading adoption storied. I heard about them from someone else too. The blog world is a whole new world, huh?

Well, in case you thought I forgot about us getting together, I, in fact, have not!

I had a friend call me today. She lives in LA. She is coming home to Indy for Christmas. We told her we'd drive to see her. So. I wanted to know if you could look to see what you have going on at that time. I know Christmas is always crazy, but we were thinking of right after Christmas. I thought we could stop on the way there or on the way back to hang out with you guys and meet the girls. Well, just think about it!


Anonymous said...

I think Tony needs 2 boys to help even out the estrogen that is going to be happen in your house in about 10 years.

Rett-- that is your gray hair!!!!

I think you should do what feels right in your heart.

Happy Holidays!!

Jesus is the Reason :)


Mom Of Many said...

True confessions: Your names just came to mind as I lay awake praying...and YES I was praying that you would be tugged to Africa - the same baby orphanage as E & E...the need is so great and I have some I would bring to the states with me in a second...all you have to do is come (both of you) and see for couldn't say no...they are precious and so desperately longing for a mommy and daddy....and you would forever be thankful you did it!! (Is that a sign enough Tony?)...I know you don't really need one Rett...

Much love from Uganda,

Chris and Sarah said...

Did you read the message from Linn??? It is not just me. I also think Pastor Dave wrote the sermon for YOU this weekend. Time to lay out that fleece and prepare for it to be answered.

Do I need to go get some bricks?

PS By the way it was your wife that that got me reading these blogs not the other way around.