Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a dream...

Abby told me this morning that her bad dreams from a couple of nights ago could be found in Jesus's belly.  Huh?

Ok, let me go back.  She told us last night that the night before she had bad dreams about doctors.  Which was probably true, she ended up sobbing in the night and we brought her to bed with us.  So, she was really really nervous to go to sleep last night.  She said she was afraid she'd have bad dreams. 

We talked to her about it, and gave her some fun or funny things to think about while she was falling asleep.  Then, before I left her room, I asked her if she would like for me to pray for Jesus to take the bad dreams away.  She readily agreed.  I prayed aloud to Jesus asking Him to take away her fears and replace them with joy.  I mentioned some silly things that Jesus could put in her heart, etc.  She settled down, and eventually fell asleep.  She did, however whimper some in the middle of the night, so we brought her to bed with us again.

This morning, however, while she was getting dressed, she said, "Mama, my bad dreams are in Jesus's belly!"  After my look of confusion, she said she didn't have any bad dreams so they must have went away and are now in Jesus's belly.  I wonder if she meant lap?  Like we lay our worries and concerns in His lap?  Not sure, but it made this mama smile for sure this morning.  Her joy at her peaceful dreams was certainly contagious!

Nothing earth shattering...but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

Got some other things mulling around in my brain...but I'll save those for another day.  I'll try to add a pic of sweet Abby tonight from our home computer, too! 



Chris and Sarah said...

How precious!

Adeye said...

That is just soooooooo adorable!!!! What a sweet little angel girl.

Hugs to you today, dear friend.

Shonni said...

That is so cute...I love the little things our children come up with.

Lori said...

Definitely worth sharing with us! So precious.