Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Update

Hello!  It's Tony.  I won't bore you with with the narrative...enjoy the pictures recapping the past 30 days or so. 

Laney after opening gifts Christmas morning

Abby after opening gifts Christmas morning

Yup, after opening all the gifts, this is where we found the girls playing.

At the Indianapolis Children's Museum - the girls received a membership from Gigi and Papaw.

The girls running the Barbie Corporation (at the Children's Musuem)

Tony and Uncle Robby racing down the slide at the museum (with the girls). 
We were glad the girls "needed our help".

Rett and Aunt Ally (and the girls) racing down the slide...they too were glad
the girls "needed help" down the slide.

The girls waiting to go downstaris to see their birthday presents...(they turned 4!)

The girls gift - updated dress up corner with new washer/dryer, mirror, some new dress up clothes and shoes...

SUPER ABBY - wearing her new cape

SUPER LANEY - wearing her new cape

Then to the Family Birthday party for the was cold out.

The girls and their cakes

Opening gifts

Then Christmas break, birthdays and the days off were over...back to the real world. 
It snowed and got really cold. 

I hope you enjoyed the pics.  Thanks for checking in on us!!!



The Thomasson's said...

Great Pictures! I am in love with that cute little washer and dryer...Where did you ever get that??

Anonymous said...

Great Pics Tony,and the lovely"s lil girles ever. your GIGI and PAPAW Sadler

Adeye said...

Such fabulous pics. Thanks for sharing your precious memories with us. Goodness, those girlies are growing up, hey? Too fast for you, I bet :)

Mama 2 Ladybug said...

Such adorable and beautiful little girls! Time flies - they're 4 already?