Tuesday, April 06, 2010

By the number

10--the number of minutes until my lunch break is over.

2--the number of daughters I have and adore.

3--the number of days left until this week is over.

210--approximate number of orphans worldwide.

1--more artery surgery for my mom.

1--delicious Payday candybar I just ate.

2.5--years since we became a forever family.

41--days left of school.

2--weeks I will work at Safety Town this summer.

81--days until we leave for DisneyWorld!  (Shhh, the girls do not know it yet!)

18--days until my nephew gets married!

1--Husband whom I love very much!

25--newly widowed women in the West Virginia Mine tragedy.

2--days until my sister has surgery on her shoulder.

2--the number of points Butler lost by.  :(

3--the number of angels in the Ukraine that are getting to know their families.

765-the number of pounds I need to lose before said Disney trip. (Yeah, yeah, I ate a Payday, I know)


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