Friday, April 16, 2010

Spoiled Brat!

I've explained many times before on this blog how I am the baby of my family. I am the youngest, and by default, the most spoiled.

My sisters and brother often complained I got more and got to do more. My nieces and nephews would whine because I would tattle on them when we were all little (we're very close in age) and they would always get in trouble. Yeah, it wasn't pretty, but that is the truth.

Well, last night I was downstairs folding towels. As I began folding, I was chatting with God. And I got to thinking. (DO NOT thrash me here...I was young and dumb) When I still lived at home with my parents, I remember I would use two towels per shower. I would use one for my hair, and one for my body. I would put those in the hamper afterward, and use two new ones for the next shower. *GASP* It was ridiculous! Once I started doing my own laundry, that certainly stopped!

Anyhow, that further cemented into my mind that I really was spoiled. My mom and dad would just do the laundry and never say anything to this princess. And I never did one single load of laundry. How insensitive and ridiculous was I? That was just one of the many ways my parents spoiled me. (Thank you mom and dad, I love you!)

And then I got to thinking about how my Heavenly Father spoils me too. I can be such a BRAT to Him. I can be selfish and demand answers to my prayer. I can cry out at the injustices of the world and beat my fists on His chest. I can fill my schedule with junk, yet never schedule time alone with Him. And through it all, He loves me. He unconditionally loves me. I did nothing to deserve it. He still heaps blessings upon blessings on me. He still listens to my pleas and holds me when I cry. He carries me when I am weak, and celebrates victories alongside me.
Thank you, God, for spoiling me. For loving me through all my faults. I love you!

Am I the only spoiled brat in the house?



The Thomasson's said...

Great Post Rett! Gave me goosebumps! Also thanks for the books! What an awesome surprise it was to get them yesterday.

Lori said...

Yep, I'm spoiled here too. Very. I get to enjoy the luxury of two towels a day (though I certainly re-use them many times before washing them :), HOT showers any time I want, the coziest bed to sleep in every single night, a refrigerator FULL of food, toothpaste, soap, electricity, toilets, carpet...and that's only the beginning. Yeah, I have to agree with you totally, I'm very spoiled by a Father who adores me even though I don't deserve a single bit of it.

THANK YOU, JESUS, for ALLLLL you have blessed us with. And most of all, THANK YOU for loving us more than we can even begin to fathom.

Great post, Rett!!!!

Chris and Sarah said...


Mark and Melanie said...

Yep - another spoiled brat here! Thanks for a great post, Rett!

IzzyBeth said...

Made me cry. STOP DOING THAT!

Andi said...

Oh girl!!! I guess I am still spoiled...I use two towels every day. I'm thankful for the washing machine. Loved the post.

Andi said...

Hey what happened to my post?