Saturday, February 25, 2006


One more thing done! Well, actually, three more things done! We had our homestudy yesterday and it went VERY well. Our social worker from Adoption Support Center was super nice and put us at ease. The ONE drawback is that we spent hours and hours cleaning for the two-minute walk through! But that's ok. The house is clean now and we are one step closer to Abby!

We also got our passport applications sent off and they will return in six weeks.

Today we are sending off our I600A, petition to adopt an orphan. That means more waiting and one more set of fingerprints!

Now we need to work on our parent workbook (yikes, homework) and do a local criminal history check (hopefully our third and final set of prints), financial statement, and our petition to adopt letter. Slowly but surely it's coming together. Now once we send everything off to the State to have the State seal put on it, that's when we'll probably encounter some delays. But, I'm going to stay optimistic and pray that we get everything back and ready to submit on June 12!

Thanks for keeping up with this. Also, I changed the settings (thanks Cammie) and now ANYONE can leave a comment...even you Patti! Please do so!

Thanks again!
Galatians 6:9


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Patti said...

hey my friends,

i am super pumped about Abby, who would have ever thought turning 30 would be so exciting!!!! Much love