Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's me again, Margaret

Well, we ordered some bracelets for Abby. Well, in honor of Abby. They're the Lance Armstrong style bracelets, except they're red. Red signifies the invisible red thread that binds all those who are destined to meet, according to Chinese theory. On the bracelets we have put "Abby's forever family" and "We (heart) Abby. WHOO HOO...They'll be here March 6. We should charge everyone to wear them, and put the money in the Abby fund! HA HA!

Our homestudy visit is tomorrow...the house should be spic and span. We are also getting our passports officially filed and sending off our I600 tomorrow. We HAVE to get the I600 (petition to adopt an orphan) mailed off pronto because it could take weeks or months to get the proper response back! And God willing, we want to send everything out on June 12!

Tony's Dr.'s visit went well! One more thing we can check off!

Ok, well, I need to get busy. Just thought I'd update you all. More to come next week after our visit and after we get started on the parenting workbook we have to complete.

Keep praying for our little Abby-girl!


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Tiffany Hill said...

I am so elated to share in the blessed joy that is coming your way! This blog thing is something else! I can't think of two more deserving "parents to be" than you!! Can I be Aunt Tiff? I don't like the 3rd cousin title.