Monday, March 27, 2006

Army crawl

Well, it's an army crawl, but we're slowly but surely getting there. I got back my physical form written clearly this time (because I rewrote it). It's all signed and notarized and everything. However, something even MORE exciting happened today. We got our rough draft of our homestudy (4 weeks and 3 days later---they were pretty speedy) via email today! WHOO HOO! Now Tony and I just need to sit down and make a few corrections on it. It says that Tony HAS a caucasian male, when actually, he IS a caucasian male. It also says that I was born and raised in Richmond, not Fountain City. Anyway, we'll edit it, fax it, and wait on the final copy. This is huge news because once the final copy has been sent to our agency and to the Department of Homeland Security, we can get our LAST set of fingerprints done! GOD IS GOOD!

Ok, so I'll do a quick to do list

  • Edit and fax homestudy draft
  • Get our letterhead copies of our local criminal history checks--should be tomorrow
  • Fax my physical form to our coordinator to check for neatness
  • Write our letter of intent
  • DO the parent workbook--yikes, we're behind!

Ok, ok, I know I just told our IDX group that everyone needs to slow down and not "wish their lives away" but I still have to do the DTC count-down....after I explain a little about how the DTC works (we just got an email from our coordinator regarding this). Once we send our dossier to FTIA (our agency) on June 12, it will take about 3 days for them to translate it (no Jarrett, to Chinese, not Spanish!). Then, they send them all to China on Friday, which should be June 16. THEN, we'll anxiously await our LID or Log In Date. This is the date we officially go on the books in China and the TRUE wait begins. Right now FTIA is saying the wait is 9-10 months for a referral (the picture and medical info on Abby). SOOOOOOOOOO, what I'm saying is, please pray for God to move mountains (and the wait time too :) ) . No, really, pray for His timing to be perfect for our family and all the others waiting on their little ones to come home.

Ok, now, countdown till DTC (well, not China, but dossier to FTIA) is: 2 months and 16 days!

Thanks for all of your support, love, and prayers! Keep 'em coming!



Paul and Christy said...

Wow! This sounds like a complicated process but you seem to have a good handle on all things! You guys are awesome! I've been reading you blogs every other day and thinking about you guys and keeping you in my prayers. God is in control and has perfect timing in everything! Keep up the good writing, I'm enjoying it!
Love you guys!

Rhonda said...

You definately are making progress! Slow but surely! Then the fun begins! The wait! Take Care!

mom said...

hello luv, just read your new blog and sures sound like a lot of work and waiting but well worth the work and wait. i told you once god has a sence of humor , well guess what the work and waiting is the same if you were carrying our abby girl. so keep smiling and remenber this is gods work at his finest. also you are not going thru this alone, you have many family and friends and lets not forget god that are walking the same foot prints you are so we will be there to help guide you and pick you up if you stumble. so keep smiling and the whole smiles with you, sorry i just had to put that in there. love you and toney lots and our abby girl.. love always and forever mom and dad sadler

Auntie Kiki said...

It certainly sounds like a lot of work but it'll be worth it! There's a little girl across the pond who will someday know what all you did and she will be so grateful for such wonderful parents like you and Tony. I'm just so thrilled for you and I'm so glad that through this, we can all share in this wonderful joy with you!