Friday, March 17, 2006

Baby steps

Well, our financials are done! We've had them notarized and everything! (Thanks Robin!) We also have our last reference letter in and should be happily floating through the mail this weekend. Hopefully, we'll be getting our rough copy of our homestudy late next week or the following. THAT will definitely be a milestone! We'll look it over, make sure all the numbers match up, then send it back to be finalized!

We are also waiting for our letter to get fingerprinted. I was hoping it'd come this week and be scheduled for my spring break week so that I wouldn't have to take a day off to get it done. Ahh well, taking a day off (or half day) w/ Tony isn't so bad :) Even if we DO have to go wait in line at a government office! I'd do that ANY day!

Ho hum, otherwise nothing much is going on . I'm counting down the days until the end of school. And I have lots to keep me busy in the mean time. I am leading IDX next Tuesday night, and I'm in a drama at church at the end of the month. I see those faces. You KNOW I'm the perfect person to be in a drama!

OK, things I'm counting down... (I know, I know Mom, "Don't wish your life away")
---Days till Spring Break--5 school days, 7 if you count this weekend
---Weeks till Summer Break--8 weeks if you don't count the week off for spring break
---Months/weeks till DD--2 months and 25 days!


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