Friday, March 31, 2006

Squirrel Patrol

Here are our crazy animals in our backyard on squirrel patrol.

Grissom (the cat in the tree) is the newest member to our family.

At ground level is Kyler, our dog. She is the best dog ever.

The photo shows our squirrel chasers. The squirrel at the top of the photo, arrives daily around the noon hour. Kyler and Grissom spend most of their afternoon watching and chasing the squirrel from tree to tree. It is quite comical at times.

We do not have a name for our unoffical squirrel pet. In fact, help us name the friendly squirrel that torments our favorite dog and cat.

We will post photos of our turtles (we have three of them) at a later date...



Josh and Cammie Delph said...

Kyna. She's pretty squirrely. :)

kristy said...

I vote to name the squirrel Rocky, as in Rocky and Bullwinkle!

mom said...

i vote for getty , short for getting away from the crazy dog and cat , , luv u mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Cammie and Josh, I love you too! I am no longer their favorite aunt.
I think squirrley would be just a fine name.