Friday, March 24, 2006

Ho hum.....

Well, needless to say, we were very surprised to hear several of you say that you check our blog daily! Evidently, you were upset that we hadn't posted in a few days. We are SO glad you're reading this, but please POST A COMMENT so that we know someone's enjoying it. Comment and questions are welcome!

OK, on to the business at hand. We got our local criminal history checks back, and WHEW, no records! Unfortunately, they didn't put it on department letterhead so it will have to be redone. Hopefully, we'll have that back next week.

Something neat this week is that Tony I have been able to do is email back and forth with a person we met on the FTIA message boards. Rhonda has been a very valuable resource to us. She has a 4 year old daughter, Millie, that she brought home a couple of years ago. She is now pursuing her second daughter. She has been honest about the challenges we might face, and she has given us a window into the joys we'll experience.

Rhonda has told us about issues we may or may not encounter with Abby. Millie had a little trouble with hitting/head butting Rhonda when she first brought her home. I suppose this was some type of communication issue although Millie could not yet talk. Maybe she had trouble expressing her emotions. She also said a lot of the little girls will have night terrors when they get home. Most will taper off over the weeks and months, but to be aware that might occur. She's even giving us links to do some research. I told her about Jarrett and how he used to have those periodically. I suppose stress in a child's life can have that effect.

On the positive side, she affirmed that it's ok for us to keep shopping!!! She said to look for 12-18 month clothing that would span a couple of seasons. PJ's are also important to buy too, and they always get forgotten.

Speaking of shopping, in the back of "Adoptive Families" magazine we get, there was an ad for a website with Asian-related materials. I'm going to post it here for anyone who might want to look at it. We will probably eventually do a wish list on it so you'll have an idea of what we would like. The website is:

Thanks for keeping up with our journey. As we take further steps, we'll post more. We LOVE you!

Keep praying for our Abby-girl!



Josh and Cammie Delph said...

I think that if you pray for Abby and ask God to already be touching her mind and her heart and pray a hedge of protection around her that you won't have any of those problems with her. God is above any of that, and He can fix it! As far as I know, Amanda and Chris didn't have any of those types of problems with Alaina. The only problem they had was trouble sleeping! That came with time, though. I really believe that if you start praying for her to adjust well, she will! I love you and miss you!!

mom said...

as you know i had already written one but didnt send it right so i lost it, so here goes another one. thanks for a update and i am enjoying reading all about our abby girl. your dad and i feel closer to abby by going thru the journey with you and tony . thru your writings and feeling the excitment you convey,and all that you let everyone know about what is involved it makes us all feel we really are a part of this exciting time in your lives. god has been good to us all and he will continue to touch our lives and bring our abby girl home saft and sound . you and yours are always in our prayers and our hearts. love always and forever mom and dad sadler

Tiffany Hill said...

This is the real deal guys. As with any family blessed with a new life, trials and tribulations will be an intricate part of your growing bond. I agree with Cammie and Josh and your parents, prayer will pull you through this and still be pulling 5 years from now when you face Abby leaving for her first day of school! Just continue to be the wonderful people you are today, God will see to it that this unfolds as it is meant to! I love you guys!!