Monday, August 07, 2006

Nothing but sweet dreams for Abby-girl

We now have a beautiful crib ready for our Abby girl. (Thanks for the crib, Mom) It was quite an emotional event to finish putting it together. It makes that room seem so different. I can't help but do a double take every time I walk past it. That's the place where our little girl will sleep (hopefully). That's the place she'll feel safety and dream of things to be. It has definitely made our dream of being parents, seem a little closer to a reality.

We finished the crib off with bedding, a baby doll, stuffed animals, and prayer. (The extras will come out once she's home--for safety!) Now we just need a one more thing to make it complete. Please continue to pray for the whole adoption process, for our little girl and her birth mother.



mom said...

to my little girl, no thanks needed.i know that our abby girl will be as sweet as her mother is and as special as her mother was to her dad and i . i thank god every day for all of my children and have been blessed. so i wish the same for our daughter and her family. so god bless tony and rett and our abby girl, and may they all be together soon. lots of hugs and kisses from your family to our abby girl . love you lots mom n dad sadler

Kristy said...

I can't wait to see for myself Abby-girl's crib!!! I am sure that your precious little angel will have the sweetest of dreams once she is home with her Momma and Daddy!

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

That's the place where she'll throw up in the middle of the night and you and Tony get to argue over who cleans her up and who puts the sheets in the washer... that's the place that she'll be trying to climb out of when she gets brave... Man, I can't WAIT for you guys to be parents!! :) You know I love you! The room and crib look beautiful!! I love you guys!

kristy said...

I hear that paper, rock, sissors is a great thing when deciding who cleans up the child and the dirty sheets!!