Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just making it girlie!

Well, we added curtains to the nursery for the extra added girlie touch. A big thank you to Robin for them too. We both think they look very very pretty.

Stay tuned later this week for pictures of our new stroller we bought. There will also be another post with links to family websites that received their referrals last week!!



mom said...

it is so pretty, a perfect girlie room for our beautiful abby girl to come home to. good job robin, rett and tony. prayers and hugs are coming your way, love you both. love always mom and dad sadler. p.s. by the way robin, i didn"t forget you . i love you tooooo.

kris said...

The room is beautiful! Just don't go overboard buying some of that for the baby shower! It all looks great!