Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grissom is Missing....

Our little kitty (ok, he's huge and 3 years old) is missing.
I noticed Thursday night (about 10:30 pm) that he must have gotten in a
fight b/c he had a horrible gash in his lower cheek/upper neck. A
huge chunk of fur was missing and he looked really raw underneath.
Well, yesterday Tony got a good look at it today, he said we
definitely should take him to the vet.

We got an appointment for 3:45 yesterday. On the way, we dropped off the girls
at my mom's and then stopped by my sister's to get a crate. In the
process of putting him in the crate, he escaped. He shot out and
took off like a rocket. This all happened in Fountain unfamiliar territory for him. :( We looked for over two hours and then off
and on all night. Upon arriving back home, Laney kept
asking where Grissom was. She looked under the seats in the car
(where he was on the way to the vet) and in our garage. It's just

So I'm asking for prayers for our little kitty. He's lost, alone,
and very hurt. We have already put up flyers and asked all around
the area where he was last spotted. Tony even went again last night to look. He thought in the dark he might spot his eyes. Poor

I know there are more pressing matters. But this little guy helped
us during our wait for our girls. He's one of our first kids!! (Fur

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers....



Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

IzzyBeth said...

Oh - I am so sorry. I will definitely pray that you find the kitty. We lost our kitty once, and she actually came back 2 weeks later!

Let us know if you find Grissom.

Anonymous said...

Rett, we are looking everyday for Grissom. I am very sorry! We will find him, keep the faith! Love, Ronnie and Renee

M3 said...

Oh sweetie I am so sorry!! Hoping like mad that Grissom finds his way home somehow or you find him soon!

Anonymous said...

I can identify. I still look in the Pal-Item Classifieds for my Cassie. It breaks my heart for you. Keep us posted!


Karla & Mike said...

Tony & Rett,

This is so sad. I will watch for Grissom when I go to Mom's or drive through Fountain City.
It was a bad weekend for cats.
Our little deformed kitty - Thumper - died. Mike found him. He had health issues. He was a "cabbit". We miss him also.
I'll be on the look out for Grissom.

Karla :(

Anonymous said...

I know how much you love your pets guys, I am so sorry to hear about Grissom. Sending prayers you find him safe, sound and soon! I too have a fur baby, and man are they life savers! Hugs and kisses to the whole family~

jkcm said...

We will pray for your kitty. I thought we lost Latte when we were moving and I was a complete crazy person until we found her. I will pray that you will find Grissom safe and sound. Maybe someone will find him and call you - I saw that you have a tag? So sorry for your worries right now - we are such cat people so we can only imagine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rett and Tony, this is Diane from the old FTIA June group. I have been following your blog ever since you got the girls. Congratulations on your family!! I also follow Robin & Harry's blog and April & Paul's too. I am praying for your kitty. I have 2 sweet kitties myself who I love to pieces so I know how you must feel. But I'm praying for little Grissom to be back home with you soon!!

God Bless,

April Isaacs said...

Hi Rett and Tony!!

I still read your blog all the time. COULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE US ON GRISSOM??? I have been dying to know if he has been found.

I think your girls are the cutest things ever!! You should hear Paul go on about them:-)!!

If we are ever near Richmond, could we call and meet them??

Still so sad we are not traveling but so glad we meet and stay connected!! I feel like you are an old friend!!

April Isaacs