Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still no word....

We haven't heard anything on Grissom. We put posters up, put and ad in the newspaper, called all of the shelters, and walked and driven miles. We have yet to hear one single word about our poor, missing Grissom. We are SO blessed though, because we have friends and family just as concerned as us! Every day someone emails or asks if we have found him. We have also had friends and family peruse town looking for him. If he only knew the many miles that have been trekked and minutes that have been spent searching for him. He definitely wins the prize for best hider in the game of hide and seek.

Thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts and concerns. If you forget what he looks like, scroll down and check out his cute picture. Some people think it is silly to be this concerned over our kitty, but they don't understand how important he was to us before the girls came home. Not-to-mention how important he is to the girls now. They ask about him often.

Thanks again...hopefully our next post will be with some good news!


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Anonymous said...

I was just wondering about him yesterday. I just haven't had time to talk to you, with testing going on right now. I hope he is well and returns home soon, for the girls' peace of mind of course. No just kidding, I know that he helped you through many long days waiting for the arrival of your wonderful little angels.