Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hello. First, Grissom is still missing. We received a few calls, but they turned out to be a different cat. Please keep praying we find the fat furry little guy.

Well, I am going to provide an update that covers several weeks of updates. We have had many firsts, a ton of fun and cannot wait for more! The girls are growing and learning more and more every day. They have put on some weight, grown an inch or two and are speaking unbelievably well.

Below you will find their first day in the snow (yes, I am going a ways back). Neither were too excited about the snow, but seemed to have a good time towards the end.
Just a week or two after the snow, we began to experience warm weather. Here are photos from the first trip to the park near our house.

Another fun day was spent at the Children's Museum. Here the girls check out the underside of an old car...pretty cool.

Another fun trip was to the Indianapolis Zoo! Our friends Brian and Nancy were nice enough to ask us to join them for a day a the zoo (THANKS BRIAN AND NANCY). We had a great time! We look forward to many more trips to the zoo.

The girls and their friend Morgan watch creatures that lurk in the sea.Abby and her new found buddy, a penguin.

The next new adventure is the backyard. Aunt Robin gave the girls Jarrett's playset. THEY LOVE IT!!!! THANKS AUNT ROBIN!!!

And we swapped Jeeps. The girls call it the "NEEWWW JEEP".
Thanks for checking in on us. More updates will come later.



IzzyBeth said...

What beautiful smiling girls!!! Still praying for the kitty.

Notebooks said...

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Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for Grissom. We hope you find him soon. Meanwhile, the girls look great! It looks like they are blossoming and are loving the life you two are giving them. We hope that things continue positively for your family, as we're sure they will. :-)

Tom and Vickie

Anonymous said...

The girls are so cute! My boys and your girls will make cute couples! I'm glad you guys are having such a great time with the girls. Try to enjoy every minute of it because they grow up so fast! (Remind me of that when my boys are driving me crazy!)


Anonymous said...

Dear sweet lil ones. Was so glad a great time was had by all,with everything ya"all have been doing.Momma and Baba have enjoyed doing it all with you two.You girls are so blessed with parents who love you so much , oh buy the way so do Gran and Grandpa SADLER LOVE YOU ALSO. So sweet dreams and butterfly kisses to all. Love you bunches and forever GRAN( AKA )GIGI

Anonymous said...

WOW! What great "firsts!"

Wish there was better news about Grissom!

The girls look like they are enjoying all of the great adventures that you and Tony are taking them on. Enjoy every minute! I hope that you never run out of "firsts"