Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday/Photo Friday


It's me again (Tony). I hope all is well out seems this world just keeps getting scarier every day (I will keep those views to myself during this post)...BECAUSE this is Thankful Thursday and I will discuss what I am thankful for...

I am thankful for a job (and Rett's) that allows me to spend time with the fam. when Rett is off.

I just finished my second day at home with Rett and the girls. It has been a great vacation thus far. Yesterday we visited the Children's Museum in Indy (photos on another post), strolled through some malls and had a good day. Today, was filled with appointments this morning and then an afternoon painting the hallway (ok, Rett did the work, and I am thankful because we did not kill each other during the process...painting is not one of those things we do well...but it did work out well in the end).

Tomorrow we have a few things to do in the morning but we plan to take the girls to the library. They have never been before. They LOVE books. I cannot wait to see their heads spin when the see all the books :) We're planning an art project for the afternoon...we'll post photos if it goes well.

I am thankful that although life gets ugly sometimes, it could be worse. We are blessed and we all need to remember that everyday.

Since this Thankful Thursday post is late in the day, here are a few photos to kick off Photo Friday...enjoy and have a great weekend!!!!!!

Abby enjoying chocolate pudding...enough said.

Laney in the morning before she gets her daily banana and doughnuts.

Ok, I know this is random, but here is a photo of one of my turtles :)



M3 said...

Great post Tony! (And I love the picture of the turtle, very cool.)

Chris and Sarah said...

Love the pictures and I'm glad your having a good vacation.

Anonymous said...

I love your post and of course the pictures of the girls (and turtle).
Mom (Mimi)

Teresa said...

Came across your blog from M3. Beautiful family. We also have a daughter from China, but not twins :) We also have one son, adopted domestically.

April Isaacs said...

Tony, the picture of the turtle is the most random thing!

Did you guys ever find the cat that ran away before the vet visit?


Tony and Rett said...

April - we never found the cat, although funny you ask. The girls all of a sudden have been asking about him...poor Grissom. Hopefully he is living large somewhere...