Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tony's Thankful Thursday

Ok, so Rett set me up. Is it because she does not think I am thankful for anything? Or does she think I should be posting on here more (I did the polyphenol post by the way). I think more dude's need to be posting on their family's blogs by the way...

So where do I begin...I am thankful for so many things. To start, I am of course thankful for my lovely wife, even after she set me up for the "thankful Thursday" post. Is there such a thing as blogger peer pressure (I guess so)? I am thankful for my beautiful daughters that keep us laughing and wondering why we are so lucky to have them, my family and friends.

From there, I'm lucky to have steady employment, a job that keeps me challenged and helps pay the bills. (Here I am presenting to city council which is shown on public access...the girls think I am cool)
Yes, there is more, but do you want to hear it all now? How about how Laney (our 3 year old traffic cop) yells at me for turning left when the traffic light is red (WHY ARE YOU GOING ON RED BABA????? she yells every morning)...she hasn't figured out the green turn arrow yet, but I am impressed that she understands the traffic signals. And how about how Abby still loves to be picked up and just carried around and has dance moves like no other. She kind of has the Elaine kick going on (Seinfeld fans may understand) when she dances. Hillarious!!!

Well, Rett is harassing me to read this can blame her because I am cutting it short. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend!



Tony and Rett said...

Yeah, I set him up...and it worked! See, when HE posts, you get pictures!

I'm thankful for you, too, honey!

Chris and Sarah said...

She had you post because she wanted to see if you were thankful for her. It's a good thing you said you were.

Didn't you know our toddlers know how to drive better than we do? We get told all the time we're driving wrong.

Joyful Mom said...

I agree with Sarah---good thing you remembered the wife :)

LOVE the pic of the girls with Daddy---too precious.

Hey, I agree----where are the Dad's?

Anonymous said...

Rett, you should have let him be, since you set him up :)

I agree that more "Dudes" should post on their family blogs.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the girls.

Take a walk outside and see all the new sprouts that are popping up!


Anonymous said...

Great post Tony!
I think there are two little girls that are thankful for their Baba and Mama.