Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Language All Their Own

They say twins have their own language. We agree. Sometimes, the girls get on a rip and Tony and I look at each other like, wow, what was that? But they totally respond to each other and move on. Twinspeak.

However, when you're three you also have your own language. I'll translate.

Slip Slops=flip flops


You, You, Get My Foood=Lou, Lou, Skip to My Lou

This was all just this morning. But there are more...I'll update as I hear them.



Joyful mom said...

Hey--they got it RIGHT! Slip Slops--that is exactly what we call them in South Africa!!!!! Are you sure they're not Africans??? :)

IzzyBeth said...

Wait until school and PACK PACKS! (My 7 year old still calls it a pack pack.)

Michele L said...

Hey Rhett & Tony, just dropping by. I love to read and see how you all are doing! Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Holly said...

I know that language! I have a three year old too :)
So you are friends with Sarah...hmmm...it amazes me really how great people attract other great people! Seriously!
Sarah is a gem. I met her through our adoption agency's yahoo group...we adopted our sons from China through the same agency.
Your girls are precious. Twins- what a blessing...pretty rare blessing from China! The Lord loves you and has such amazing plans for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do think that little cartoon would make a lovely tee shirt. Hmmmm...maybe I could track down the artist and get permission...might make a good fundraiser ;)

Cammie said...

Aww! Ellie still says "tipsy roll" for tootsie roll! I love it!

Anonymous said...

They are just to cute for their own good!!!!

I enjoyed seeing them at school for science day.


April Isaacs said...

I love when kids have their own language! I thought we were going to get some more. I've been waiting!

Are you enjoying being home? Stupid question, huh?