Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What?  Two posts in one week?  Make that three, baby!  I posted one our church's ministry blog yesterday!

So why today?  Why this post?  Well, honestly, because I need it.  I need to be thankful.  My head needs this post.  My heart needs it.  My soul needs it.  And my God needs it.

First of all, friends, I am so thankful for you.  I pour my heart out on this blog and you respect it.  No, I don't have hundreds of followers.  No, not everyone who reads this, comments.  But you, the ones who chose to lift me up, thank you.  You encouraged me so much.  You encouraged my family.  Trust me, your prayers have been felt.  This week I needed you and your prayers, and you came through!  Yes, both my "real life" friends, and those I've met in Bloggyland.  Seriously.  You guys mean a ton.  I love that we "do" life together.  We share our ups and downs.  We praise Him and pray together as family.  Cheesy schmeesy...I love you!

My mom gets to leave the hospital today which is bittersweet.  It's good because she is over some of what put her in there, but bitter because there are other things they have found.  It will be hard without a nurse to push her to do all she should. 

Going home has also forced her to look at all the upcoming procedures and surgeries she'll need.  It is simply overwhelming.  It overwhelms me, I cannot imagine how she's feeling.  But today, I choose to be thankful.  My mom is alive and trying to get well today!  God has been merciful and healed some things in her!  I am thankful she had/has a team of doctors and nurses that truly care about her.  They made her laugh.  They made my dad and my family feel welcome.  They encouraged and challenged her.  And they were just nice people.  Thank you, Jesus! 

Just keep praying for her!  The procedures start happening next week!

I'm thankful Sarah keeps letting us in on ways to win free stuff over on her blog!  But don't go look and register, ok?  Then you'll decrease my chances of winning!

Ok, the last thing I'm thankful for today is that the COLTS made it to the SUPERBOWL!  WHOOO HOOO! I'll be glued to the TV Sunday, so don't call!  hahahah!  Bring home a victory, boys!



Chris and Sarah said...

First of all I am too thankful your momma gets to go home and I am thankful they found what was going on even if it does mean a lot ahead.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for mentioning my blog!!!

I know nothing about football other than they get paid way too much for playing a game. What time should I be calling? Too bad Chris doesn't play football. Not that I want you watching him(he's all min) but I would take the benefits of being married to a football player. Imagine how many kids we could bring home then.

Can you tell I need some sleep?

Adeye said...

Who in the world are the Colts?????


Yes, my friend, there sure is soooo much to be thankful for. Really. I love your sweet heart.

Know that you have an army of warriors here ready to hold up your arms in the battle. Praise God for His Glorious Body!