Saturday, February 20, 2010

Praise Him!

THANK YOU for praying for my mom, dad, and family during my mom's recent illness.

Picture taken December 2009

A HUGE PRAISE is that MY MOM DOES NOT HAVE CANCER and HAS NOT HAD A STROKE!  Thank You, thank You, thank You, Jesus!

She is still in the hospital (admitted Thursday evening).  She is fighting a NASTY virus and a uti.  She has blisters inside her mouth.  She is severely dehydrated and anemic.  She has zero strength to stand.  She is barely eating.  She has lost 29 lbs in just over two weeks b/c she can't eat.  It makes her super sick.  She has two blocked arteries they're hoping to do surgery on soon, but not until she's stronger.  

All that being said, the key word above is "fighting".  For a while, we weren't sure that she was fighting anything but us.  But she has promised me that she is NOT giving up.  She is one sick girl.  And honestly, it is the hardest thing seeing her this sick.  She is supposed to be strong, ya know?

So, bottom line.  Please keep praying.  Obviously, she means the world to me.  I want her spunky spirit back.  I want her humor.  But mostly, I want her deep sense of love and caring to come back.  Right now, it's all on vacation.  Please pray for her mind, body, and spirit.  Please, please, please!

So that's why I've been MIA from the blog.  I'm not sleeping much because I'm in worry mode all the time.  And so when I'm home from work, I'm too tired to blog.  So, even with the extreme amounts of cuteness that Tony posted on the last post, I can understand why we didn't get any comments.  We have been missing for too long.  I have to blog.  I need this blog.  I'll be back.  (As long as I get a comment or two now and then!)

P.S.  Doesn't the new background remind you of the Spirograph game/art set from the 80's?  I remember LOVING that.  I played with those little plastic wheel gadgets for hours making patterns.  I love it!



Chris and Sarah said...

I love that picture of your mom and dad! Praising God with you and praying she gets back home soon.

I totally missed the last post. I'm going to check it out now (I don't know how I missed it). I promise to leave a comment.

susieloulou said...

I LOVE your blog. Don't worry about us - take care of you and your family and get back when you can! Praying for you all.

Sue Lucas said...

I will pray for your Mom,I have been checking to see an update for her I praise God she does not have cancer or a stroke.I do know a little about blocked ateries and such that is what we went through with my Dad he lived 24 years after the surgery Praise God.I pray your Mom will be back to her real self soon ,very soon and her strength be renewed.

christina said...

Praying for your mom...and your entire family as you walk through this difficult time together.

Mom Of Many said...

Hey girlfriend!

So glad that your mom does not have cancer nor did she have a stroke. I will be praying for her to be healed completely in Jesus name!!

And by the way, the girls are looking soooo much older in just the few short months since we saw them. They are losing that little girl look. Crazy. I know it happens to everyone, but that doesn't mean I like it. I love the baby look. =)

Give everyone a hug for me and tell your mama I'm praying, k?


Mom Of Many said...


And yes, I played all the time with my Spirograph. I had forgotten all about that game. I'm going to have to look for one for my kids...maybe an old Ebay one, huh?