Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giveway Site!

Thank you all for praying for my mom.  She had a heart cath and stint put in yesterday.  It was a long, rough day.  I'll update you as I learn more.

I wanted to focus on something happy for my tired brain, so I thought I'd blog about my friend Sarah's giveaway blog.  It's called, On the Search for Hidden Treasure!  She is a treasure herself, who is having fun reviewing products and also giving away many items! 

You'll want to go check out her site.  I mean, read the reviews and buy the products.  But don't enter her giveaways.  I WANT TO WIN!  I'm just sayin'!

If you feel you MUST enter...let her know I sent you!


1 comment:

Chris and Sarah said...

Thank You! I am having way to much fun with this blog.