Monday, November 01, 2010


Oh, my heart.  You have to go HERE and follow the link for the Angel Tree sponsorships.  Or go directly HERE and scroll down to stare into the most beautiful eyes of some of the most gorgeous children.  Each of these children need sponsorships to help their family find them.  You will help lower the costs to bring them home, and away from the tragedy of certain death for them!

WHAT could be more important than saving the life of a child?

You don't even have the exccuse of..."Oh, if my husband would agree, we would adopt."  Or, "If we had the money to, we would adopt."  Well, YOU might not be the one who adopts one of these cuties, but you might help another family take that leap because the costs are lower!  Or who knows, God might knock on your heart by having one of their faces leap off the page at you.

Go ahead and look.  Don't be afraid.  Sponsor one, or sponsor all.  Help save their lives!


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Chris and Sarah said...

How could you even begin to look at that page without falling in love with 1,2,3 or heck ALL of them.