Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Only God. Only God.

I'm not sure when I'll have time to do another post this week, because I'll be busy living life with my blessings!  Woot woot!  Which is just one of the many things I 'm thankful for! 

So, I thought I'd do a variation on the Memorial Box Monday posts that Linny does over at A Place Called Simplicity

She asks us to think about a time God has been faithful, or a time where His voice has been clear.  Then, choose a memento to represent that time and display it where you will remember.  This allows us to recall the goodness of God when times might not look so good.

Well, God has come through in a big way lately.  He not only blessed our family with Stinker, He included a good relationship with her siblings.  We are able to text, call, and see them just about whenever we want to or they want to!  He has somehow created a relationship between us all that does not include jealousy.   We are constantly aware that S's siblings could be jealous that she is with us, while they are not.  But they aren't.  They have confirmed in many ways that S needs to be with us, and they with their cousin in order for everyone to heal.  They have said to us directly, that our home is the best place for S.  How could two children, who have endured just as much as S, extend such caring and grace?  Only God.  Only God. 

Our families both welcome S's siblings into the family as well.  They ask about, pray for, and care about those kids just as much as us.  And her siblings love our family as well.  Matter-of-fact, S's sister recently asked for a get together, so we could all get together and eat and enjoy each other's company.  How could two families, so vastly different in backgrounds and history, be so accepting and open to one another?  Only God.  Only God.

God was also wonderful to my family, by blessing my mom with a wonderful surgeon who did her hip replacement.  She was so hesitant to have surgery again.  So worried about the outcome.  Well, worried until she handed it over to God.  Then, in the holding tank (that's what I call it), right before she went in for surgery, we got to see her.  The peace that was in that curtained room was breathtaking.  The peace on her face.  The calmness in her voice.  Only God.  Only God.

And my mom is healing!  She is stretching, and working out.  She is doing the therapy they are telling her to.  My dad is such a good support for her.  He sees the future for them.  And it looks so much brighter than it did mere months ago.  Man performed the surgery.  Man helps with therapy.  But the ultimate Physician?  Only God.  Only God.

Finally, as weird as it sounds, I'm so thankful that Abby started sobbing when I was leaving this morning.  I think other mothers do the same thing, but I often question my parenting.  Am I good enough?  Did I respond correctly?  Why did I yell?  Was I tender enough?  Did I just act like a child, just like them, just then?  Will they need therapy as an adult?  Those are some of the questions I ask myself.  (and God)  Make no mistake, we are trying to raise our girls, all three, to be independent and confident in who they are.  This usually means that when I leave in the mornings (I leave first) they give me kisses and tell me they love me, and run off to play or finish getting ready.  I'm going to be transparent here.  Sometimes, I get sad.  I hate that I have to leave them in the first place.  Then, I hate that they so easily let me go!  So when Abby started crying this morning, I was, in a weird broken-hearted-yet-joyful sort of way, happy.  She wanted her Mama to stay with her.  She didn't want me to leave.  Oh, my heart!    I have since called and checked on her at my sister's house, and she's fine.  Just needed some more Mama squeezes this morning.  And I'm so glad to do it!  Just over three years ago, Tony and I were longing for a child.  We ended up with gorgeous twins!  (and now S too!)  Only God!  Only God!

There is much more I could write, but I want to know something.  What is your "Only God!" story?

What are you thankful for?

Happy Turkey Day!  Thank you, GOD!



Chris and Sarah said...

Great post! I just posted our God story too :)

Amy said...

Beautiful- thanks for sharing.