Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WOW. Talk about suspense.

Ok, if anyone was still checking back to see if we got guardianship,WE DID!  Matter-of-fact, we received the paperwork today that makes it 100% official!  WOOT WOOT! 

Our stinker is no longer a "foster child"  but a child of ours!  (Well, not adopted, but loved just the same.)!

This is a picture from one of the recent "makeover" sessions.  WOW.  I need to schedule them appointments at EB's makeup counter, STAT! 

I know it seems odd that I chose THAT to be our first picture of her posted on here, but that picture, friends, speaks volumes.  S (she doesn't want me to post her real name yet--she prefers Stinker.  ODD GIRL) is such a fun girl.  She is always up for an adventure and loves to laugh.  She is so tender with the girls.  She cheers them on when their afraid, does gymnastics with them to make them strong, prays with them, tickles them, encourages them, and just plain loves them.  And, oh, that feeling is mutual.  We're so thankful to have her as a part of our family!!!! 

Sorry for delaying that good news.  The hearing was Friday, followed by a HORRIBLE virus hitting our house Saturday.  Satan did NOT like what happened on Friday, for sure!  So, I'm finally among the living tonight.  Bottom line, THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS!

On one last VERY important mom is having hip surgery tomorrow.  Total hip replacement, actually.  PLEASE pray with me for accurate surgery, my mom's safety throughout, swift healing, and strength for my dad and family.  You guys are the best at praying,   THANK YOU for loving us, through this blog.



Chris and Sarah said...

I love that picture and I have to agree that S (even though I know her real name) is a total cutie and precious child. I will know who to call in a couple of years for a sitter ;)

praying for your very special momma!

Adeye said...

wooohoooo...GO JESUS!!!! I absolutely LOVE tha pic. It is a perfect first picture, my friend. Reajoing with your family tonight. Cannot wait to see how your journey unfolds from here on.

So wonderful.

Lori said...

I am SO HAPPY for you guys!! What a darling picture!!

Mark and Melanie said...

Congratulations on things being "official!" The picture tells it all. So happy for you!

Praying for your mom, surgery, recovery!

Samantha and Woody said...

This is so amazing! Wow congratulations! Just when I think there is no way I will ever have more children, your blog gives me hope.
So happy for all of you!

Mrs. Gibby said...

dude! i lost you too. i have a lot to catch up on. Whoo-hoo!!!!