Monday, April 18, 2011

Shawn and the bunny

OK, I want to start with a Stinker story.

My heart, this morning, ached.

On the way to school, Stinker and I were talking about this coming weekend's plans.  We were talking about dying eggs, and that she could wear her Easter outfit to church Saturday night.

This prompted her question, "WHY would ANYONE go to church Sunday morning, this weekend?  It's EASTER!"

I literally, had to pause and process what she said.

I gingerly said, "Honey, Easter is not about the bunny.  Easter Sunday is one of the biggest celebrations in a Christian's life.  Do you know what it means?"

She said she didn't.

We talked, then, about the significance of Good Friday, and the resurrection on Sunday.

The look on her face was priceless!  She said she kind of knew all that, but didn't realize that was what Easter was all about.

Her next comment?  "Well, I don't want an Easter basket then!  That's not what it's all about!  And where in the world did the bunny come in?"

Bwhahahahaahaha.  I told her the bunny wormed his way in, just like Santa.

Tender girl.  Learning so much every day.  I'm so thankful to be a part of this.


I bet some of you are wondering where the name Shawn (in the title) comes into play.

Well, Shawn is my nephew.  One of my nephews.  One of my adorably handsome nephews.  He's married to Jenn, and they have two gorgeous children, Greyson and Kynlee.  They're a truly beautiful family.

Shawn has a tender heart.  But he's no follower.  He questions things.  Always has.  When I was helping in youth group and he was attending in junior high, he blatantly asked, "How do we know the Bible wasn't just written by some drunk guy?"  See, always thinking.  Not willing to just go along with things because he was told to.  I love that about him.   But that is also what has had him keep Jesus at arm's length. 

So, anyway, I saw Shawn this weekend at Mei*er.  He and Jenn were there getting t-ball stuff for Grey.  They saw us in line and came over to chat.

Jenn said she had been following our blog (well, she always follows it) and was looking at Vanya.  We talked about his situation, etc.  She said she also followed our blog to Adeye's blog and couldn't get over how much one of  her daughters looks like Kynlee.  They are built the same, and share the same hair color and thickness.

This led Shawn to jump into the conversation.  He said for me to STOP posting about adoption.  To STOP posting about our newest nephew Olliver.  He was half joking, but half serious.

He said it was tearing him up.  He said the posts about Vanya and such were breaking their hearts (yay!).  How all Jenn could talk about was adopting now.  And how Oliver had touched him so deeply.

Of course, I cried there in Mei*er's line. 

I warned him that I was going to start praying harder than ever for him.  And that when I pray, things start to happen, so, "Be afraid, be very afraid!"  Muahahahahah!

So when I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His, He is also breaking Shawn's heart.

So, Shawn.  I never knew you did, but I know you're reading this now.  So the following kiddos are for you.

These kids did not CHOOSE to be HIV+.  They did not CHOOSE to be left behind.  They did not CHOOSE not to have a family.

What will YOU CHOOSE to do about it?

BENJI (who I think looks like Grey)

And the THOUSANDS...MILLIONS of others.

So there, Shawn...just for you, Love!



Chris and Sarah said...

Shawn, just to warn you her prayers do work and that's why Jaxson is in our family and I'm so thankful she prayed!

You and Tony found a true treasure when Miss Stinker cam along :)

Renee said...

Rett, make me cry everytime I read this blog. Happy cries and sad cries. I do love Stinker so much, for her experiences and her innocence. However, knowing Shawn and how he keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself, you posted this perfectly! Now he truly has to think about these things and I thank you for it. I love you. And I wish they could get all of them!!!!