Friday, April 15, 2011


Friends, I shared with you about how this little guy, Vanya, has my heart. 

It was seriously to the point I had people asking daily, "Is he your son?"

While I prayed and prayed and prayed about it, I honestly kept hearing "He's not yours..." whispered from our Heavenly Father.  Mind you, had Tony said for us to pursue him, I would have wrestled with God on his no.

However, today, I received confirmation that sweet Vanya is not ours.

His situation has changed.  He has to have a PAPER READY family go get him!  This should be a family who is paper ready and waiting for God to show them their child, or paper ready and already planning a trip the Ukraine.  They could then easily add this gorgeous boy to their family.

We are not paper ready.  We're not even paper started. 

Therefore, if you love me (yep, I'm pulling out all the stops) and if you love family, PLEASE post a link to ADEYE'S website on your social networking sites, blogs, well, and even your forehead.  His family IS out there.  I know it, God knows it, and VANYA knows it. 


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