Sunday, June 17, 2007

Important Milestones

First, Happy Birthday to Rett. Her birthday was last week!!!!! I won't tell you how young she is...

Second, we had our ONE YEAR LID (Log In Date) anniversary on the 15th. When we started this process we were told the wait time was about 9 months. At the time, we thought we would be home and settled in by this time this year. But obviously we are still probably a year away from travel. Oh well, what can you do... We did eat Chinese food and purchased a doll for her to recognize our 12 months of "official" waiting.

Finally, Happy Father's Day to our dads!!!!!

Have a good week. Monday is just a few hours away. I can't wait.... :(


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Dave & Stacy Brown said...

staHey Tony and Rhett,

I deleted the emails I had from you so I'll have to contact you here.

Amanda Harris had the idea for a name of the Orphan Ministry -- Hearts for Children.

I especially love this name b/c it is all inclusive. Even people like me that aren't "in" the adoption world can be a part of it.