Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All You Never Wanted to Know About Us....

Yay! I had my final doctor's visit today (except for check-ups) and everything looks good! My surgery was five weeks ago yesterday. I am cancer free and feeling great!! God is good!

Since it was a great day, I wanted to do a fun post. I stole this idea from Jaime and filled in my own answers. (Um, except, some of her answers are great, so I left them the same!)

I AM … blessed a thousand percent!

I WANT… every child to have a safe and loving family.

I HAVE … too much fat.

I KEEP … biting my nails! HELP!

I WISH I COULD … be a stay-at-home mommy.

I FEAR … not seeing some of my family in Heaven.

I HEAR … the girls practicing their letters with Tony.

I DON'T THINK … the healthcare plan is the best idea, matter of fact, I think it's horrible

I REGRET … some things, but if presented the opportunity to go back, i don't think i would change them since it would alter the course of life. AMEN Jaime!! Couldn't have said it better myself!

I LOVE … my family intensely.

I AM NOT … sure what God wants Tony and me to do when we grow up.

I DANCE … with the girls.

I SING …in the car with Tony. He usually rolls his eyes. Especially when I hold out a fake microphone for him to sing into.

I NEVER … want to look back and say, "I wish I would've/could've".

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … pretty much anything. HELLO people...I just had a hysterectomy!

I AM NOT ALWAYS … certain.

I HATE THAT … there are kids out there who have never had a mommy or daddy kiss a boo boo, tuck them in, or whisper that Jesus loves them.

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT … where Tony and I should be, and what we should be doing for God.

I NEED … to lose weight. Maybe that's what I should be doing for God!

I SHOULD … clean more often, be nicer to my husband, be nicer to people, be more approachable, be more involved, be more steadfast, be better…ME TOO Jaime! Except, add, laundry, read my Bible more, give love more freely, not be judgemental.

Ok, now I'm forcing Tony to do this. Let's see what he puts!

I AM … going to try to lose weight (and am going to complete this for my lovely wife)

I WANT… to lose weight

I HAVE … to finish sorting laundry and put it away at some point

I KEEP … pondering life...what should I do when I grow up

I WISH I COULD … make an impact

I FEAR … many things

I HEAR … Cooper (our new puppy) passing gas (WOW - how could something so small release such toxic odors????)

I DON'T THINK … I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow (I had two lovely days off)

I REGRET … stuff

I LOVE … my wife, kids and family

I AM NOT … pleased with the direction PBO is taking this country

I DANCE … (nope, I am a Wesleyan :) )

I SING … with the girls in the car - usually "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" - their favorite.

I NEVER … have been to Europe and several other places...

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … coverage of the cash for clunkers...what a waste of perfectly good vehicles

I AM NOT ALWAYS … on time

I HATE THAT … life is not always fair

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT … what's next

I NEED … to do many things...exercise, eat better, read Bible more, etc...

I SHOULD … do everthing I just mentioned in the I NEED...



Adeye said...

WONDERFUL--I LOVE your honesty. You guys are great.

So glad everything is perfect and your body has healed so well. PTL!

Chris and Sarah said...

Our puppies pass some pretty toxic gasses too.

Ummmm, could it be 2 beautiful little brown darlings that God could have planned for you next!!!

Come on Tony, 143 million and you have a BIG house.