Friday, August 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday...on Friday

Ok, so today's post is late. And it's unimportant in light of world hunger, the orphan crisis, adoption issues, and so on. But it's important to be thankful for all things, at all times, right?

After my hysto, I had a swelly belly. (My incision was about eight to nine inches, vertically) Now, I'm a big mama, so it might have just looked like I gained even MORE weight than I was already carrying. But, I wasn' belly has just been uuber swollen and tender. During these times, I have thanked God that I was able to afford to buy a few items that would accommodate the swollen belly and it's soreness.

But today, my friends, is a super special day. I am wearing jeans! NO elastic waist! Not a size bigger than usual. And the icing on the cake...THEY ARE BUTTONED!

I still have some tenderness, especially around my incision, but the swelly belly is GONE! Now, I just need to lose the existing belly that I have! But, alas, that conversation is for another time!

Celebrate with me by doing a belly dance!!! Um, with your clothes on and belly covered! :)

Have a great weekend, family!



Chris and Sarah said...

Too funny!

I'm glad you have your belly back.

Lori said...

YAY for buttoned pants!! :) I can imagine that you are feeling on top of the world now!

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet tater,sounds like a good friday to me. old jeans ,new feeling(aka)buttoned , yea!. JUST KEEP ON KEEPIN ON WITH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AND WORKING OUT.I HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND ALL YOU DO . LOVE YA MOM

Adeye said...

wooohooo---totally doing the belly dance with you :)

That is fantastic news--I bet you feel like a new person!

Anonymous said...

Yea Rett,buttons and jeans all in the same day.Love MOM P.S.NOT ALL CAPS LOL

Anonymous said...