Monday, August 03, 2009

You can take my uterus, but you can't...

...stop me from having babies!!! HA! I use the term, "having" loosely. I mean, we have added to our family. We now have a new furbaby. We went into a store to buy dogfood, and came out with a dog.

Tony thought he was cute, so I asked to see him. He and the girls played and after some discussion (all of five minutes) we decided we'd make the leap.

When we were walking down the aisle, one of the salesladies came up and said, "Ohhh, are you going home?" (directing her conversation at the dog) And then she turned to us and said, "We call him our ADHD dog." Yeah. Well. Listen, lady, we hadn't paid for him yet!

We got him home and he has settled way down. It's like he just knew he was home. Make no mistake, he is Tony's dog. He follows Tony around like his shadow and cries when he can't be near him. He's Tony's dog clear down to his name...Cooper. As in, Mini-Cooper. He's mini (small) and Tony has always wanted a Mini-Cooper. So it just fit. Cooper. Yeah.

For those of you concerned about our other dog, Kyler, well, hmmm. She just barely tolerates him. He's like that little dog on Tom and Jerry, jumping all around and wanting to play with Spike. She does NOT care for his energy level at all. However, if she doesn't see us watching, we have spotted her playing with him and playing tag. At least we THINK she's playing with him! heehheh.

So, without further he is. Cooper.

Here, Kyler is like, "WHAT in the world have you done to me? I trusted you!"



Adeye said...

Oh my gosh---that is just the most adorable little thing? But...what kind of dog is he???? Cutest ears :)

Chris and Sarah said...

He is soooo cute!

Shonni said...

Ohh, so cute!!!