Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok, so I visit many blogs and I am amazed at the adoption community. There are people fundraising to bring home sweet children, asking for prayers, donating items to be auctioned, or fundraising on behalf of others. People are so generous when it comes to saving a child. This time should be no different.

Our dear bloggy friend Linny, and her family, are amazing God-centered people. They have a blended family of both biological and adoptive children. They are currently SO close to bringing home their seven year old daughter, sweet Jubilee from Ch*na. They are doing this even though Satan has attacked them repeatedly. They have experienced a fire that destroyed their home, many serious illnesses, a death of a pet, and many other tragedies. This has not deterred them. It has only fueled the fire in their hearts. Obedience to God is key.

Today, however, they received information from Ch*na that their paperwork was being withdrawn because it has taken so long. This means that Ch*na has withdrawn their approval for Linny and her family to adopt Jubilee. As you can imagine, this is devastating!

PLEASE PLEASE pray and fast with us (fasting as a body of Christ tomorrow) for Ch*na to change their minds. I would say this is one gargantuan mountain for Ch*na to change their minds, but for the Saunders, it has happened before!!! They needed a HUGE mountain moved years ago for another adoption and God said "MOVE" and it did! Now they and we need God to speak it again!

GOD says pure religion is that in which one cares for the orphan and widow, and oh, baby...the Saunders do just that.

Please pray right now...and fast tomorrow (Thursday) that God would move this mountain. Otherwise, sweet Jubilee will have to endure waiting on her forever family even longer, if she is even given another chance. (And the Saunders and we will be heartbroken.)

Go and storm Heaven!


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