Friday, September 10, 2010

Funny, Funny Girls!

Ok, there are some funnies I have to document so I don't forget them...and so they will have proper reasons to be mad at me when they're older!

Abby:  She is one big snuggle bug.  She's funny, clumsy, forgiving, caring, flexible, and just flat adorable.  She's been showing a bit more of her opinions lately, which for now, I want to enourage.  Usually, Laney just bowls right over her and leads the activity, story, or play time.  But now, she's being a bit more assertive.

Future job for her at this point?  She'll be a Mama and a missionary.  I can feel it in my bones.

The other night, they were both on the couch because I was sweeping.  (Quit looking so surprised!  I DO sweep occasionally!)  Anyway, they were giggling and wrestling and just having fun.  Suddenly, Abby jumps down and comes running to me.  She said, "Mama!  Laney's THROWIN' ATTITUDE over there!"  Bhahahwwhwhah!  Never heard that one before, sweetness!

Laney:  This chicka has become more attached as of late.  She snuggles in, and seeks us out more than ever before!  I'm soaking up every second.  I would describe her as the dominate, loud, bossy, creative, artistic, beautiful child.  Both girls are capable of all of these adjectives, but this is what we're seeing shine through most right now.

Future job for her at this point?  CEO of her own fashion company.

We were en route to their gymnastics class the other night, and as I was getting off at the exit, we went over some rumble strips.  The girls have named my car Ruby because she's red, and so Laney pipes up and says, "Ruby tooted!  It's because she has a lot of GAS!"  Bwhahahahaah!  Clever girl!

No, she doesn't always talk about tooting, but when she did once in Ruby this week, she said, "I toot loud, but not as loud as BABA's!"  I thought I would die!

Also, both girls have taken to saying, "That's definitely not great!"   They say this if they mess up, or something is a mess, etc.

Thank you, Jesus for blessing us with laughter.  It is a perfect salve for my soul.

I'll leave you with one funny school comment I had.  We were talking about the author Roald Dahl.  He wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among other great books.  I was showing some students a website on him when all of a sudden a child said above the others, "I thought he was dead!"  Another student immedicately replied, "No, he's not dead, he's DUTCH!"  ?  Huh?  I was so confused and we all laughed and laughed and laughed!

Ok, have a good weekend!  Go laugh yourself silly!


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