Monday, September 27, 2010


Yes, I know how to spell it, but I'm in awe...this weekend was UH-MAZING!

Our little eleven year old S is settling in and becoming one of us.  She is getting into a routine and melting our hearts daily.  I figure she's truly settling in because I sigh, grin, giggle, sing with, pray for, hug, get firm with, and roll my eyes at her at least once daily.  Life couldn't be any sweeter.

S had a friend spend the night Friday night and it was really big fun.  I told Tony before we brought Abby and Laney home that I couldn't wait until the girls' first slumber party.  Their first sleepovers.  I had plans...big plans of what we would do.  I have such fond memories of having friends over and my mom making the time so special.  Or, heading to one of my friend's houses full of excitement.  I wanted to recreate that for Abby and Laney...and now, S.  And I think we did.  We sang in the kitchen (into whisks of course), and they taught me dance moves.  They baked brownies and oogled over a neighbor boy who S is sure she's in love with now. :)  They stayed up until 4:00 am (we were snoring they informed us) and got up early.  They let me sleep in and fed Laney (Abby went with her Baba to pick up some tires.)  I mean, could it get any better?  We geocached all day, which all the girls love, and just had a fantastic day.  We topped it off with church that evening (which S's friend came too!) Unbelievable.  It definitely filled my heart up with joy.  Now, the next time though, my neice Kristy is coming over and we'll party like it's 1999!  hahah! 

I wish I could share pictures...but alas, I cannot.  Just know there were lots of smiling girls, both young and old.  They weren't too cool to hang with us, OR with Abby and Laney.  We just all had fun together!

I am still a roller coaster of emotions, because, simply put-fostering is hard.  There are meetings, counselors, appointments, dos and don'ts a mile long.  But would I trade this time with S and her family?  Nope.  Not in a million.

I'm going to kind of switch gears here.  All the fun we had this weekend made me think about those who cannot or will not have that opportunity.  WHICH, led me to thinking about my friend, Adeye's, blog.  She has such a heart for the orphan.  And the least of the least are her passion.  She is sharing information about a little girl who is languishing in a crib on the other side of the world who needs rescued.  She's raising Yulia's ransom and sharing about her in hopes that her family will come forward.  The adoption is NEARLY paid for!  PRAISE GOD!  But can you help?  Read her blog and pray about what you can do.  Is Yulia yours?  If so, email Adeye IMMEDIATELY!  Yulia needs saved!  If she's not, can you spare a couple of dollars to help her family-yet-to-be found bring her home?  Hop over and read her latest three posts.  You'll be changed.  I promise.



Chris and Sarah said...

How fun!!! I have been waiting and waiting until we get to start slumber parties.

Lori said...

I'm SO glad you are having fun with your new girly. What a blessing!! I wish we could see pics. :( But I can totally imagine the silly fun the girls had!

Love it!!

IzzyBeth said...

I remember some slumber parties that both you and I attended! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am packing my Janet Jackson CDs and my Esleep pajamas RIGHT NOW! Love it! I have a few new dance routines I want to share! lol! And, when we play college, I get to date Jordan Knight! lol!