Wednesday, April 26, 2006


...and we found out that if our fingerprint form expires (the one we're getting printed for today) in the next 18 months, then we have to pay $600.00 for a new one! That's $600.00 less to spend on our Abby! Sheesh!

I got your comment Cammie and Josh. The journal to Abby is a good idea. It is SO good that I started it about a year or more ago! eheheheh. I've been writing to our child for so long. Just letters and miscellaneous thoughts. It was neat in February of this year though because I got to actually address my letters and thoughts to our baby girl. Then, once we decided on Abby, I've been able to write to her by name. We also have this blog to show her later. It will show her how much we have loved and prayed for her over the months. It will also show her how much her family and friends love her!

I know God has a little one that will be a PERFECT fit for our family. I'm just SO excited to meet her!

God is faithful, and so I will be too.



mom said...

sweetie , this is just a small road block. bring out the bull dozer and clean the path, in other words lets keep our faith in god and our prayers, and nothing else to be said. ABBY IS ON HER WAY , IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS. JUST KEEP DANCING, OK? LUV YOU ALL VERY MUCH. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS, LUV MOM N DAD SADLER

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

So what you're saying is... I DO have good ideas!! Ok, so I'm a little late. I'm glad you're doing it, though!