Thursday, April 27, 2006


Fingerprinting...CHECK. It felt a little CSI, a little Mission Impossible...we walked in, got frisked by security (hehe, ok, frisked isn't the best verb), sat and watched other families (some were adopting child #2), were escorted into a small room, and asked a series of questions (ya know, top security stuff like, "Is your maiden name spelled correctly?") Then we had our fingers cleaned and then a technician pressed them on to a glass screen. Yup, no ink pad in sight. Our prints flashed up on the screen, the technician waited to see if they were a go, then went on to individual prints. My tech was a little stressed (long day of holding hands w/ strangers) and kept telling me NOT to roll my fingers. The Sadler in me said, "Um, I'm not. I'm letting YOU do the rolling." So, she got snippy with me twice (AND LOOKED YOUNGER THAN ME!) so I filled out the mandatory comment card with "Good" instead of "Excellent" for the technician. SO THERE! *sticks out tongue*

Blah blah blah...Tony said she'll probably mark my prints unreadable, and I'll have to redo them. Ha. Ha. It's never smart to tick of government employees. Right, Tony?



Anonymous said...

leav it to you rett to tork off someone official!!! i always figured it would be me or nikki!! (sorry nikki, we are the same ya know)

mom just sent me your blog, so ive laughed ive rett, youre gonna be able to tell abby some great stories!!

love you guys...missy!!

mom said...

hey sweet tater, good for you. you just did what all of us has wanted to for a long time. yep people,thats my daughter tickin off the big folks and feeling good about. YEA/// ( very loud) Take a nother project off your list. and do the abby dance and in closing amen to my fel low americans . luv you bunches all, mom n dad sadler

kristy said...

Go get 'em little Marilyn. But I fear like Tony does, that they'll make you redo them just for spite! Just kidding. Another big 'check' off your list!

Kyna mom said...

Yes you gotta watch out for the government, next thing you know they're want to do an audit!
We know what it's like, especially when their last name was Cheatem.
Just think of it this way maybe she was having a bad day and you were just a little to happy for her.
Who knows?

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

Snot nosed little brat. She needs to respect her elders! I'm running into that at work... younger people thinking they know more than me. Ticks me off. I think I would have rolled them on purpose by the time she made me mad! We dealt with license bureau people today... let's just say we came out alive and one drivers license short.