Monday, April 17, 2006

Check, not checkmate, just check

WHOO HOO got some good news! We received our fingerprint appointment from Citizenship and Immigration Services through the Department of Homeland Security. Sounds impressive eh? This means our homestudy is final and we're moving on!

The dish:

  • The appointment is for April 26 and it will take a couple of weeks to get the results back.
  • Our passports SHOULD be here any day!
  • Once we have fingerprint approval, we get all our documents State sealed.
  • We send it to Chicago for authentication.
  • We send it to FTIA for translation
  • WE SEND IT TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ok, we're excited. Anyone who has done this before can understand our joy.

Thanks for tuning in for updates! We love you all! GOD IS GOOD!



Kristy said...

God IS good! We are continuing to pray for God's guidance and for us all to be patient in this process! HIS timing is PERFECT! Thank you for updating the site! You know this is my only enjoyment while spending my time here at Eastern Indiana Sports and Orthopaedics!

mom said...

hi ya sweetie lots of good news and answers to prayers. abby is always in our hearts and thoughts. Also tony and you are as well. luv to hear all about the journey,and all thats involved, so many steps. Your birthday has double meanings this year. god has been good to us all and we thank him. always in our heart and prayers forever, love mom n dad sadler

Kyna said...

We are WHOO HOOING!! along with you.
God timing is great!

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

That is awesome!! It's getting closer and closer everyday!