Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I know, I know, God's timing is perfect and we'll have many months of waiting and delays. But word on the street is that the wait time is going up once again. I know, I know, we knew it was going to go up, but it just stinks! Ok, that does it. I need to buy something for Abby. Look out Tony!

There, I vented. Thanks for listening.



kristy said...

If you need a shopping buddy, I'm free. We can hit up the two biggest tight wads in Wayne county (Richie and Tony) and have ourselves a shopping spree!

Kyna mom said...

I was thinking about Abby this morning and praying for her and her birth mother. It does seem like a long wait, I keep thinking they don't know God's timing the wait maynot be as long as they are predicting. We will see.
Hang in there!
I loved what you shared about the lady bugs and the Japanese Maple tree.

mom said...

hey girl, you and kristy shopping, on the streets with money in your pocket no store is safe. if i see two bag ladies on the street and can;t see your faces i will know you successfuly made two tightwads caugh up monies for you to shop. have a great shopping spree but make sure you watch out for two other bag ladies . [names-renee n robin-] . e-nuf said .love ya"all mom sadler

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

God's timing IS perfect! And you will be able to see it in hindsight. There have been SO many times that I've prayed for something to happen, when I wanted to happen, and it never worked that way. Have you thought about keeping a journal (to Abby) to write all your thoughts and emotions in during this wait time? What a great gift that would be to her later on in life! And hey, look at it this way -- the longer you wait, the more time you have to sleep! Anytime you want! Because once she gets here- you'll never sleep again! :) We miss you and love you, too!!