Sunday, April 12, 2009

The EGGsperiment

OK, so here are the steps I took to try and boil some EGGcellent eggs.

1. Place the eggs in the pot GENTLY (ahem, no Abby...GENTLY!)

2. Fill the pot with cold water, just until the eggs are covered.

3. Place the pot on the stove and turn it to medium-high.

4. As soon as I had a rolling boil going, I turned the stove off and removed the pot from the burner. I covered the pot with a lid.

5. I set the timer for EGGactly 15 minutes (sorry to the poster who said 11--I had three other people say 15, so I went with the majority) and after that time, poured the water off and rinsed with cold water.

6. After rinsing the eggs, I put them in the fridge to chill.

7. Following some time in the fridge, I did a test peel. An, EGGsample, if you will. Um, it didn't bode well.

8. I then enjoyed dying the eggs with the girls and Tony a day later. They did a great job and only cracked two!

9. We hid PLASTIC eggs for our hunt, so I could have the real eggs to eat! I started deshelling (um, is that a word?) the colored eggs.

I must say...after an EGGstrodinarily large amount of opinions, I was a bit nervous on how these would turn out. However, my fears were unfounded! Out of about 20 eggs, all but three ended up naked with minor scarring. I was way impressed. Even Tony thought that was amazing. The girls, however, didn't care. They just wanted their hands on those eggs. They devoured them! Now I just EGGpect some stinky girls over the next few days!! :)

Here is a naked egg with minimal scarring!

Thank you to EVERYONE who gave their input. You are a bunch of smart cookies! EGGsperts, even! I'll be turning to you again soon, with my next cooking delimma!

Have an EGGciting week! (I know, enough of the egg talk)




Joyful Mom said...

Yes, indeed--HE IS RISEN! DID it. Experiment successful! Now come and teach me how--we have some glorious (not!) snow in CO.

Anonymous said...

Glad that they turned out so well.

Brian and I boiled eggs about like you did and put them in the fridge overnight... they turned out EGGcellent. I think he had 1 out a 12 that got "scarred".
No EGG on our faces this year.

Hope you all had a great Easter Sunday. Looks like the girls enjoyed the dyeing of the eggs.


Jaime said...

did you have fun with everythign "eggcellent"??? it cracked me up!
oh my! you get to have two stinky little booties! i guess that's a perk of jon being deployed righ tnow... i don't have to deal with his stinky egg booty... just mine & jax's!

Jaime said...

okay, and now i have have to share an egg story with you (and i can't blog about it because ti will hurt my mom's feelings).
my mom volunteers to boil eggs on saturday so we can color them saturday night. she asks how i do it and i give her the details. (my mom has never boiled an egg successfully in her life... always overdone and sticking to the shell). well, she doesn't listen to me!!!!! she does the eggs her way, which is completely backwards from mine. so now, i brought eggs into work for me to snack on and i end up with only half of hte egg white to eat.... and that's the only part i eat!!!!! grrrrr!