Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Pictures...

Hello all. It's been a busy weekend. Cannot believe it is 9:12 PM Sunday evening already. Well, I was looking at some pictures we downloaded recently and decided to share a few. Each photo could (and may) have a post of its own. Enjoy. We'll (probably Rett) post later this week with some other fun stuff. Have a good week!
The girl's recent artwork proudly displayed in the living room.
(We swiped this idea from Jon and Kate Plus 8)

Maiden voyage on their new bikes-thanks Aunt Robin and Uncle Duane!

Abby polishing up her Jeep after bringing it out of hibernation.



Mom Of Many said...

Sweet pictures! And I love the artwork - seriously! It looks like you could see it on HGTV!! Very impressed and I can't wait to hug the budding artists in person -xo

Samantha and Woody said...

That art is amazing! What was the process? Or did you just get lucky?

Sorry, of course luck had nothing to do with it, you just have very talented artists!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Abby is taking after her "Baba" shining her car!

IzzyBeth said...

The art is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

We have some framed art on the wall that our kids did as well (and we did it before Jon & Kate had 8!)

Can't wait to hear the stories that go with the pictures!

Jaime said...

love the artwork.. but on another subject. LOOK AT THIS!!!!

it's an EGGTIMER!!!!! i saw it because one of my friends registered at Crate & Barrel and had it on her list, so i ordered two (one for her, one for me). if i had consumed enough coffee when i did this, i would have remembered to order one for you too! $4.95 is quite a steal i think, especially compared to how much money i've wasted on eggs that didn't peel!!!!
this is SO wonderful!

Lauren said...

I too, love the artwork! The girls did a great job! They are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

How funny! The girls are taking care of their first car just like their daddy does!!!!

Love the artwork.

Thanks for the pictures.


Joyful Mom said...

LOVE the artwork. Oh my--what a gorgeous pic of the girls heading out on the bikes--serious stuff by the look on their faces :)