Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Chalkboard Giveaway!

Life!  It's nuts!  But you know that, so I won't go into more detail about why I've been MIA.  On to the good stuff!

A giveaway!

Abby, Laney, and I have had the fun opportunity to play with and review a dinnertime wonder!  From the moment the box arrived, the girls were giddy to see what new treasure had come!

We received a chalkboard placemat from a very neat paper project company called Paper-source!

Included in the set was one chalkboard placemat, four pieces of colorful chalk, wooden chalk holder, and a recycled felt eraser. 

Once I unwrapped the chalkboard placemat, I'll admit, I was a little disappointed it wasn't flexible or thinner.  It appeared to be just a chalkboard.  But once I put it on the table for the girls to enjoy while I cooked, I appreciated it's sturdiness!  If it were as flexible as I had imagined, it wouldn't have stood up to the drawing, erasing, and movement.

The girls were thrilled to be using the chalkboard while sitting at their little table.  This provided a much needed alternative to paper/pencil or coloring that we use to pass the time while I'm cooking.  It settled them down and gave me a chance to focus. 

We were also impressed with the fast shipping!  This is key for excited little girls!   

It was just the right size for their little table, and provided an opportunity to share.  Which they did!  Readily!  At one point, one of them drew a line down the middle to establish how far the other one could draw (or erase!) on the board.

They practiced their letters, drew flowers, and people figures and had great fun!  Obviously, for our dinner table, we would need two, but I think it would a worthwhile purchase. 

The girls thought the chalk holder (for one piece of chalk) was pretty neat.  It kept the chalk from rolling off of the table onto the floor.  They changed their color choice quite often because it was fun to prop theirs up on the holder.

One of our only wishes is that the felt eraser was of a better quality.  We were thrilled it was made of recycled materials, but it was thin and left a thick haze on the board.  To truly clean it off, we had to use a paper towel.  This is common with other chalkboards, but it annoyed us all. 

Size--14 3/4" x 18 1/2".  This was perfect for their little play table, but for our dinner table we would obviously need two. 



We want to share the joy!  We have a brand new, boxed-up chalkboard placemat from Paper-Source ready to ship to YOU!  What a great Christmas gift this would make! 

There are no strings attached!  Oh wait, yes there are.  Here's the deal:

1.  You HAVE to leave a comment!  If it's an anonymous comment,  please leave an email address where I can notify you of your win.

2.  If you want a SECOND entry into the drawing, go to the Paper-Source website (it's great!) and tell me about another product you like, or would use! 

3.  The drawing will be held on Halloween!  October 31, 2009 we will draw a winner and ship the fun gift out on Monday!  

Check out the Paper-Source site.  They have some fun craft kits and stationery to meet all your needs! 

Good Luck!



Adeye said...

Oh that sounds wonderful, dear friend.

Count us in: :)

Praying you and yours are doing well and are avoiding the miserable flu everyone has.

Chris and Sarah said...


You have my email.

OK, on my way to check out the shop so I'll be back with another comment.

Chris and Sarah said...

I'm back and my favorite from their store are the owl stickers .

I love stickers! I know most people don't get this excited about stickers when their 35.

Lori said...

Wow, that sounds great! Lucy would love that!

Fun giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! We have thought about getting Grant something like that or a dry erase board. They are at the age of loving to draw and write.


Mom Of Many said...

Really? You're giving one away? Suh-weet!! It looks super cool....and I had never heard of one before (well, yes, a chalkboard, just not as a placemat).

Love the pictures and love that I can picture them sitting at your kitchen table - thanks to your sweet hospitality in allowing our boatload to dock at your home. xo

Brandi said...

My 2 year old would love this! Count me in!

Brandi said...

I've also checked out the website. I could definitely use that large calendar, or maybe some invitations or photo cards for Christmas.

Jaime (@ fearfully and wonderfully made) said...

memememememe!!!!! love it!

and ohmylanta! love that website. i personally would love the YUDU screen printing machine so i could start making my t-shirt line. but have you looked at the office accessories? i love the "butt station organizer" and the "dog stapler' and the "frog tape dispenser" and the "white cat pencil sharperner" (the pencil goes in the cat's butt to sharpena dn i for some reason find that hilarious!!!!!

Allyson said...

I have 2 precious nieces who would love this chalkboard!! :) What a great way they can show off their smarts!

Oh, and I went to the website! What neat stuff! Lots of stuff I loved...but I'm with Jaime on the "butt station organizer"!! Loved it and thought it was hilarious! May be a good gift idea for Rob... ;). Very appropriate!

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

My boys would love that!! I'll be back after I check the website too!

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

I'm back! The office and organization stuff looks great!! If only my office looked so pretty! Love the bright colored folders and boxes!

Anonymous said...

I think my baby needs one of these!!! Love it!