Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tony's Misc. Post

I just wanted to drop by here and say hello. Life has been busy with the girls, work, local happenings, and etc...  So here is an update.

One of the things we have been doing recently is geocaching (visit for more information).  If you are not familiar with geocaching, it is basically treasure hunting with your GPS using coordinates posted on the website.  Our best friends Paul and Christy introduced us to this when they were in town a few weeks ago.  I think they have over 400 finds.  We are up to a grand total of 13. 

Below you will find a picture of my first geocoin found locally.  I placed it in a "travel bug hotel" near Greenfield Saturday.  I picked up a "travel bug" and plan to drop it somewhere in our hometown.  I know, you probably think we are crazy, but it is a lot of fun.  There are geocaches hidden everywhere, some right out in the open.  Fun stuff. 

(Here I am posing with the purple hippo - the photo was a requirement of finding the cache hidden nearby...)

Last weekend we hit a awesome car show with my parents and Robby and Ally.  It was a perfect day and we saw tons of awesome rides!  Robby even bumped into his pal Kenny!!

Sweet 57 & a sweet chevy truck!

Abby thinking something was a bit too loud!

Sweet 60 wagon!

Rat rods rule!

This weekend I had to replace the radiator in my Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Some would say "trade it in".  I say, with 180,000 + miles, it is a pretty good Jeep.  Luckily other than Dad fixing the exhaust recently, we have not had to do any work to it in a long, long time. 

The project went well.  My theory is that since I was listening to TBN while working on it, that had a positive effect.  The only snag was a lost small plastic fitting (probably a $1.00 item) that connects the transmmission line to the radiator.  Luckily Mom and Dad stopped by and, after searching forever, my Mom spotted it under Rett's Jeep.  Thanks Mom!!

The girls got into the project as well as you will see in the pictures.  The only loss is the black pliers seen in the pictures.  They are somewhere in the yard I am sure.  The girls were having a good time using the pliers to pull grass from the yard (I found a pile of grass on the hood of my black Nova). 

Abby helping putting the hardware on the new radiator.

Here they are posing with their cannot see it in this photo, but Laney even had grease on her face!

Well, this is totally random, but I felt I needed to show you some pictures.  I have not had much time to post due to many evenings spent working, spending my computer time on and etc.  This week we begin puppy kindergarten for Cooper.  "Parents night" is Monday.  This should be interesting...we'll keep you posted.  Next week I get to go with the girls on their first offical field trip with their pre-school, a trip to the orchard.  We'll keep you posted regarding that trip too.

Thanks for checking in...



Samantha and Woody said...

We like Geocaching too!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post! The girls pictures are adorable!
Love you, Mimi

Karen said...

We love geocaching! Our girls call it treasure hunting!