Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Think Bigger Than Yourself

First, read

They're working to bring home their daughter and are asking for help! 

You can: 

1.  Donate Money AND be entered in a drawing (amazing prizes)

2. Purchase gorgeous small pottery pendants where half the money goes toward their fundraiser.

I want to challenge you, friends!  I know you'd come through for us if we were doing a f undraiser to bring our next child home (who knows, we might just do that!) so step up, help out, and be the hands and feet of Jesus now!

Join Us!
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1 comment:

Sarah Dawn said...

Such a delight to stop by today. Such an encouragement to read your posts and be splashed in God's goodness as we continue on the road to our first adoption.

Splashing for His glory,
Sarah Dawn