Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WOAH, Wednesday---First Preschool Pictures



I know we're biased, but Oh. My. Word. They are TOO cute.  We want to eat them up!  (And stop them from growing up!)



Adeye said...

Oh I know--why can't they just stay little for longer :(

I have to agree--they are absolutely precious, my friend. Sooooo sweet. I can totally see why you want to eat them up :)

Sending you a HUGE hug tonight.

Jill said...

Too cute!!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

That has been what I've been telling Paige all week. They are growing up too fast.

The girls pictures turned out wonderful.

The Thomasson's said...

Those are great pictures! They are getting big so quickly, but one day you wil look back at this picture and think of fond memories!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Love them!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lil Girlies,you got looks, personialty, and brains. WOW, Just like your Mama and Baba. You will go far and my heart will go with you. Love You Now and Forever, GIGI and PAPAW SADLER.....P.S. I THINK YOU BOTH LOOK LIKE GIGI

Anonymous said...

Our babies look so grown up!
But they are so adorable.
Love you, Mimi

Michele L said...

Love the pictures!! They are two beautiful girls!