Monday, October 12, 2009

Memorial Box Monday-with hours to spare!

Ok, so Linny challenged us again to leave a story for her...and I did.  But thought I'd finish it here.  Here's a recap:

This week's item for my memorial box is a plastic apple. When I finished my student teaching at a school I LOVED (funny though, our rivals while growing up) I had no idea where God would plunk me. I had taken a teaching assistant job at that same school, but it was only to finish out the year. By May, I had people asking all around me about what I was going to do for a job. I consistently said, "I'm not sure where God will put me. But I trust Him, wholly."   And I meant that.  I did NOT worry one ounce.  Not one bit.  I felt TOTAL peace.

Tony trusted Him too, but being the planner (and financial guy) wondered alongside all the others where I would work. We were married in the spring of 1999, so he was 100% supporting me while I student taught.

Literally, all summer everyone else seemed to sweat what I was going to do. I had put my resume out at only a couple of places. I KNEW God heard my heart, heard my cry. And He was faithful.  Seriously, though.  EVERYONE hounded me about what I was going to do.  Come on people, I serve a big GOD!

About two weeks before schools started all around this area, I got a call. It was from the school where I had student taught, and was a teaching assistant! One teacher moved into the role of Assistant Principal, which opened up her teaching position. They were offering me THAT position!

On Linny's blog, I explained that God not only gave me the cupcake, but He iced it AND put a cherry on top!  The position that opened was for a 5th grade Language Arts position (don't judge my writing here!).  God knew my heart was with the older kids (1st graders are whole other animals!) and that my passion was Language Arts.  So NOT ONLY did He provide a job, He designed that job specifically around me! 

Of ALL the schools.  Of ALL the positions.  THIS position, at THIS school opened up for me.  I just know it.  And since I have taken that job, I have had the time of my life.  I have had both 5th and 6th grade, and I have loved it. 

My loving Father, my Daddy, my Teacher, Abba, blessed me with my current job as a teacher. What better symbol than an apple? It represents my teaching, AND my trust. I trusted Him 100%.
Thanks for the challenge, Linny!  I needed the reminder!
P.S.  Stay tuned!  The givewaway is nearly ready!!  It was a fun little project I got to do, and now I get to give it away!



Adeye said...

What a beautiful God-Story dear friend. I absolutely love it!

You have such a sweet heart!

Anonymous said...

Great Faith,great writing and and you do have a wonderful life. You are so blessed.Love You Always,your Momma

Chris and Sarah said...

I love the new blog look!

I'm in trouble because I didn't get my Memorial Box Monday done.